Tuesday, October 06, 2009

GDP: Battle Of Ontario Part I

Welcome everyone to game #2 of the year, against the hated provincial rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs. The rivalry has lost some of it's steam from its hey day, but anytime these two teams mix it up, it's sure to be entertaining. The faces may have changed since our multiple playoff battles, but one thing's for sure, the fan bases still hate each other more then ever, and that makes for a big game.

The way both fan bases and media are acting, the loser of this game will not make the playoffs and shouldn't even bother playing the rest of the season. With both teams winless, many are labelling this as a must win for both teams. Really? That's a bit much isn't it. Besides, win or not, we all know the Leafs won't make the playoffs.

All of that energy and pressure should add up to a very hard hitting, aggressive, hard fought, entertaining game, with both teams pulling out the extra effort to quiet their fans, at least for a day or two.

With the poor play in goal by Vesa Toskala, Leaf fans have been screaming for a chance and tonight they get their wish, as we have the NHL debut of super overyhyped Swedish goaltender Jonas "Monster" Gustavsson tonight. Nice game to make your debut in, why not game 7 of the Stanely up Finals? Oh right, we're talking about the Leafs here.

On the Ottawa side of things, it will mostly be the same lineup who stunk up the joint on Saturday at MSG. Ryan Shannon will miss tonight's contest with a minor injury. Veteran Shean Donovan will take his place in the lineup tonight. Other then that the team remains the same, with Pascal Leclaire starting in net again. He sure did impress last game, despite giving up 4 to the blue shirts.

The new lines for tonight's game will be:


Look for Matt Carkner to play a strong game tonight, to combat the Leafs new found physicality. Exepect a few fights tonight. With the teams both needing wins, this should be a very good game, I'm looking forward to it. The game is at 7pm on TSN and TSN HD and of course on the radio at the Team 1200. The Battle of Ontario begins, good to have it back.

Predicition: Sens win 5-2.........what do you think will happen?

Here's a funny Leafs video to get you in the mood.


Anonymous said...

you're dreaming. reverse the prediction and you'd be more accurate, unfortunately.

The Mayor said...

We shall see what happens, i stand by it

Rob R. said...

I think it'll be a much closer game. I say the Sens take it in OT by a score of 5-4.

A couple fights, and a TON of hits, but I don't think it'll be an all-out war. There is too much pressure on each team at the moment to go crazy with the penalties.

The Mayor said...

Ya youre prob right with both teams desperate for a win and to beat each other.

I definitely see a few fights going down though

Anonymous said...

im not scared of the truculence, the leafs are a joke.

The Mayor said...

no fights? im surprised but we got the W and thats all that matters in the end

1-1-0 with 2 points