Friday, October 23, 2009

"I think there is more pressure on us here than we had on the team in Ottawa." -Dany Heatley

Another gem from clueless Dany Heatley. Gimme a break. How many people in San Jose care about the Sharks? 20k? 30k? 50k? Hardly the same pressure as a city that lives and breathes hockey. In fact, weren't you just whining about the media attention here? The article goes on to say how Dany isn't worried about his public image either and he blames it on Ottawa basically. They really need to have a rule that he isn't allowed to talk anymore. To read the whole thing click here


Anonymous said...

what a douchebag

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Heater the peter eater.

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great pics

where do u find these lol?

keep em comin, they keep me entertained at work, we love em