Monday, October 19, 2009

In Russia, Hockey Plays Zubov

It's official, disgruntled Sens prospect Ilya Zubov has been loaned (soccer style) to Russian club Salavat Yulayev of the KHL for the remainder of the season. Under terms of the agreement, Zubov will retain is UFA rights for the NHL following the season. The funny part is how poor the english is in the press release. Well done KHL. I once had high hopes for Ilya, he showed flashes of brilliance last season but he seemed to regress and has an attitude problem. I can't seem him ever being an impact player in the NHL again.

What do you guys think about this move? Will Zubov ever return to the NHL?


Anonymous said...

Good Riddance

Sacul said...

Zubov is gone for good. Russians will have to be way better than Euros and North Americans to be picked high in future drafts. It's too bad that a few bad apples make an entire country's young hockey players look bad. I hope the KHL can smarten up and figure out a transfer agreement with the NHL...and somehow more Russian prospects can understand how hard it actually is to crack an NHL roster, even when drafted fairly high up. The concepts of paying dues (AHL) and constantly improving seem lost on some of these guys.