Monday, October 26, 2009

Jersey Foul 42

Fear not Sens Army, I think I may have found the source of Jason Spezza's scoring slump. Perhaps it was this jersey that jinxed him. I mean not only using the wrong number and cheap font, but then going with universally unlucky number 13 instead? Come on, Giggles is a superstar in the league and everyone knows he's #19. Must be the work of a Hab or Leaf fan, or Dany Heatley.

What are your thoughts, pass or fail?


Anonymous said...

The jersey fail stuff is getting old.

The Mayor said...

That's your opinion, i always find it hilarious to see the dumb stuff people do to their jerseys and so do many people.

Anonymous said...

Well then I guess this blog will continue to pander to those of lower IQ.

The Mayor said...

Love the annonymous slandering. Speaking of Lower IQ..........

If you dont like it, dont read it. Simple as that

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm definitely going to waste my time creating an account for this website.

Forgive me for wanting something actually relevant regarding the Sens. The jersey fail got boring long ago.

And btw, I'm the one that corrected you on the entry level contract discussion. So at this point, you've already demonstrated your lower IQ.

The Mayor said...

Ya i hear ya, would take all of a minute, very time consuming.

And thats cool if you feel that way, like I said, easy way to fix it, dont read it.

We like positive people around here. Not jackasses.

Maybe you were right, i havent confirmed it yet but you went about it the wrong way.

Besides this blog is a lot more then just jersey fouls. It's just one feature. You don't like it, I get it, so move on and don't read them then.

Thanks for your input though.

Have a good day mr annonymous

Anonymous said...

Its a lot easier to criticize someone's work (blog) than it is to create something yourself.

Anonymous said...

Mayor, on an unrelated topic, would you rather have Havlat or Kovelev right now (since they were both free agents this past summer and both make about the amount of money). So far I have been unimpressed with Kovalev. He does not skate, he only has about 2 good shifts per game and he has a minus for every point so far. I wonder why more is not made of his lackluster play, certainly worse than Spezza, is this just what we expected? If so why were people so exited about him coming to Ottawa.

Anonymous said...

jersey fouls are good shit. keep it comin.

The Mayor said...

That's a tough call, I LOVE marty havlat but he always has had health problems. If we knew he would be able to play id personally take Havlat over Kovalev hands down.

I think not as much is made of Kovalev's play is because the guy is 36 and this has always been his M.O.

We knew that going in. It was such a big deal because he is an elite player still when he wants to be, we got him from the rival habs and he was the first real star to sign with us as a free agent other then Hasek.

My 2 cents anyways