Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lehner Is Bad Ass

When Ottawa traded Antoine Vermette at last year's trade deadline, many were sad to see him go. Looking back on it now, it's insane that he got a long term deal from Columbus worth 3.75 million a year, while we got a star goalie (Leclaire) and a 2nd round pick, that has all of a sudden turned into a stud prospect, in return for an underachieving forward.

At the time people were skeptical, but now it sure seems like we robbed them doesn't it? Robin Lehner, who we took with that 2nd rounder they gave us, quickly has Sens fans drooling. He was the star of the rookie tournament and played well in the pre-season as well. Oh ya and he did all of this while only turning 18 at the end of July incredibly. He possesses the size, 6ft3 and 220lbs, to be the REAL monster, but has been nicknamed, real estate.

The kid also has an amazing attitude. Instead of going back to europe like many of his peers, he decided he wanted to play in North America to learn the style better and to increase his chances of getting to the show as soon as possible. If only all euro's were like him, see Ilya Zubov. So he plays in the OHL for the Soo Greyhounds and is doing very well and talk out of Sens training camp was he too good for junior hockey?

Well if you weren't already impressed, here's one more reason to get excited. Not only is he big, quick, determined and has a great attitude, the kid can fight too. He got into it with the Erie goalie the other night and more then held his own. Just another thing to like about the kid, he's tough and fearless as well. To see where the Lehner fight begins, fast forward to the 30 second mark and enjoy.

What do you guys think, is he awesome or what?


Anonymous said...

My favorite sens prospect for sure!

Anonymous said...

dude killed it, he is awesome

Anonymous said...

Great post. Now this is the type of stuff I was hoping to see, instead of those jersey fail blogs

The Mayor said...

Like i said, jersey fouls are a very small percentage of posts of what i do but im glad you enjoyed this better