Friday, October 16, 2009

Milan Magic

I bet you thought I was gonna go with some cheesy title like Lightning strikes 7 times or thunder and lightning or some other stormy weather reference didn't ya? But when everyone goes right, Sens Town goes left.

Not much to say about the game really, it went as a somewhat predicted. Tons of goals and pure dominance from start to finish by the Sens. No one played poorly really, too bad we couldn't get Pascal his shutout but it will come.

The star of the night was of course newcomer Milan Michalek, who scored a hatty, including 2 shorthanded, which is very impressive. Other goals came from Kovie, Foligno, Ruutu and Picard.

The game was over only a few minutes in, when Tampa folded faster then Superman on laundry day. That doesn't bode well for them this season, showing no heart, especially on a roster that has Ryan Malone, Vinny, St Louis, Stamkos, Tanguay, Ohlund, Meszaros, etc etc etc. They do have some good players and their effort needs to be better.

So now on to the big game tomorrow in MTL, where Kovalev makes his big return to town and we take on our rivals. Saturday night with Sens and Habs, can't be that.

Special shoutout to the 3 deer that almost killed me on the way to the game, luckily I was able to jam on the brakes and swerve around them, narrowly missing them by a few inches and coming out without a scratch on me or the car.

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Anonymous said...

Heatley who?

Love Michalek and his speed, great player.

Go Sens!!!!