Thursday, October 29, 2009


That noise you hear, is the collective frustration of finding out Volchenkov was hurt on the play pictured above. Just when we got Filip Kuba back to replenish our defensive corps, we lose the A-Train, Anton Volchenkov for several weeks. It is believed to be an elbow injury, that he suffered in the 3rd period of last night's game with Florida. Just our luck to lose him again, after he was off to show an amazing start. One guy back, another guy gone.

To replace him, Brian Lee has been called up from Bingo and will be in the lineup tonight. In other news, Pascal Leclaire, who had to leave the game last night too with the flu, said he was feeling much better today, but still will not play tonight.
What do you think Sens Army, time to panic or we can make it through?


Adam M said...

I think we will make it just fine. Lee can be very good when we need him and it is about time that he proves he belongs here over picard. Give him a go and let him show why he should be here. Maybe Picard will continue to mess up tonight and get sent back down.

Anonymous said...

Not good, now only about half of our defense is NHL caliber. I was trying to think last night who has been most important to the Sens so far this year I was leaning towards the Phillips Volchenkov pairing. They need to get the A-Train back ASAP, however, I think they need another quality defenseman to be considered a good team.

The Mayor said...

Agreed on all accounts.

I think Lee can step up and put Picard out of a job hopefully, cant stand Picard.

Also we do need another defenceman in my opinion too.

Ive heard rumors of getting Cam Barker for Chi Town which would be great

Sacul said...

Beware of Lee trying to do too much against the Bolts. He has something to prove and if he tries to be something he's not, it could be scary. Prove you can be reliable, Brian...we've missed ya!