Monday, October 05, 2009

The Painstakingly Long, Days Off Between Games 1 & 2 Links

Well game #1 is in the books and was completely forgetable. If you're like me, you're bummed about Saturday's game and Tuesday's game seems like it's gonna take forever to get here. So to cure your Monday morning blues, I present a new edition of the links.

-First up is an interview you may have missed last week from CCC (coach cory clouston, yes that's my new nickname for him) on the Fan 590 in preperation of the season. I love triple C's candidness.

-With his Russian heritage, I can't exactly tell if Kovie is joking or not when he says he hits the post 40 times a year. To see it click here

-Even though he is till playing junior hockey this year, I am leading the train early in favor of Jared Cowen and his awesomeness. He was named captain of the Spokane Chiefs, congrats.

-I'm ashamed that people are still paying this much for this guy's crap

-We have a few 1st week power rankings, it seems no one believes in the Sens. Here's ESPN's and Sportsnet's

-Good to see former Sen Brian McGrattan is getting his life together and is back to hockey in this piece

-For those of you who missed it last week, fellow puckhead and friend Puck Daddy put up his season preview up for the Sens and even features a cameo from yours truly

-Since he's arrived here, Cheechoo has been invisible to me but apprently Triple C disagrees and that's good enough for me. He thinks he can regain his scoring touch

-Is it me or does Hamilton seem like that an ex who keeps stalking you and saying it will work, despite you saying you're not interested about a thousand times

-Hockey Central did its annual fantasy draft and Sens players figured in fairly heavily

-Pierre Lebrun put out his list of the top 10 players with something to prove. Which Sens made it?

-How much do you know about Nick Foligno? Did you know he is in The Mayor's top 5 Sens? Well now you do. Get to know Nick

-It seems the World Jr's hosted here last year, did better then expected, generating almost 700g's for the groups in the area

-Eklund isn't the most credible person but I do agree with what he said about Ottawa in his 30 crazy predictions

-The Binghamton Sens made a minor signing

-SI is the latest media outlet to chime in with a division preview

-Apparently no one at Puck Daddy believes in our chances whatsoever, exhibit A

-Brian Lee was understandably not happy about being sent to Bingo

-Local boy makes good, complete with cliche title

-THN is next up with more blueline news

-The Civic Centre has a new name

-Sens super prospect, Robin Lehner has a new nickname but I'm not in love with it

-Finally someone giving us a little bit of credit, even if the person writing it has none

-No matter what he was saying before, you knew Eugene had to be pisssed about Dany boy. He finally spoke up a bit more about it

-For all of my French readers, a Alexei Kovalev blog from RDS

-THN ranks their top 10 pre-season performers. There's a familiar face at number 1

-More prediction optimism but consider the source

-This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Ottawa Senators, I just thought it was funny

-Are 90% of us dillusional? According to most "experts" we may be. But 30% of us are definitely crazy.

-And finally a little story on Pascal Leclaire, who played very well in his debut on Saturday at MSG

So that's it for this edition of the links, what did you guys think? Don't worry, only one more day til we play again. Hopefully this helped the time go by a bit faster

-The Mayor


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