Friday, October 02, 2009

Schubert Heading To The Dirty South

Now former Sen, Christoph Schubert has been picked up off waivers by the Atlanta Thrashers. Not surprising someone took a chance on a guy who can play forward and defence at half his salary because he was claimed. Best of luck to Schubert in the ATL.


hambown said...

Good luck Schubs!

Anonymous said...

good luck schubs! maybe you'll finally give someone, other than yourself, a 100% effort.

if history is any indication you can count on a hat trick almost any time you play the sens from now on...which seems to happen with all the guys we've moved or let go.

Sacul said...

Another guy who'll drive Leclaire's GAA though the roof. Darn Schubie, eh? Let's boo him when he comes back to Ottawa...darn guy tried hard, did things he didn't want to do, gave interesting and honest media quotes and was even engaging as a Team 1200 guest. He even took it "like a man" when he was sent down. Not his fault the team got better around him, he's really always been the same old Schubie. I hope he can get a house in Atlanta that doesn't flood like his Kanata shack.

WV: haffi - The amount of Schubie's salary (and cap space) covered by the Sens!