Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hey MTL, Scoreboard!!

Just in Montreal right now, celebrating our victory from tonight's game, so sorry for the lack of post game coverage. How great was it to see Kovie score that goal and get a standing O from an oppositions teams fans he just scored on to kill the game? Amazing!!

What did you guys think of the game?

Back tomorrow with exclusive footage of Kovalev and the Habs fans reaction to him. Until then, have a shot and a beer for Kovie and the Sens on their win, I know I will be.

Ole to that Hab fans!! Sens are now 5-2.


adam m said...

We didn't dominate. We would have gotten dominated if it wasn't for Leclaire. They had at least 55 shots on including blocked shots and wide shots, and that was only part way through the 3rd.

Leclaire was the difference to keep us in there when it counted and we took our opportunities when we could.

Happy we pulled out the win.

Anonymous said...

i disagree, i think for the most part we did have our way with them, pascal did make some nice saves but the Sens outplayed them overall.

If it wasnt for a lucky goal, it would have been a shutout and dont forget when they cycled it in the habs zone for a few mins

Anonymous said...

I think the Sens did a good job of keeping them to the outside but they did not dominate. They still turned the puck over way to much and did not really start skating until the third period.