Monday, October 19, 2009

Sens Town Epiphanies I

Starting a new post series today. Sens Town Epiphanies will be a place where I can just rant on about thoughts I have about the Sens, SBP, former Sens players and just the NHL in general. So enjoy the 1st installment.

-First off, I have to say it's pretty great to look up and see the Sens in 1st place in the div and 2nd in the conference at the moment. I was always saying I thought we would finish in 5th in the conference and many experts thought I was crazy. But actually what is more satisfying is seeing the Canucks, Habs and Leafs all struggle, after everyone in the media said they were all better then us. Just goes to show that the media don't usually know what they're talking about.

-Was great to see Kovie get a warm reception in MTL, I'm glad I was there to experience it but it pains me to see how awful of a game day experience we in Ottawa have compared to Montreal. They have it nailed down, from a way better scoreboard (ours is seriously embrassingly bad), to ushers being actually young and pretty, to better food, to the fans being loud all game. You name it, they have us beat, except on the scoresheet.

-Outstanding to see that Dany Heatley has been demoted to the 2nd unit powerplay for San Jose already. How will he handle it? I suppose it depends on the attractiveness of the others players WAG's. Errr I mean his maturity to handle the situation this time.

-Have you noticed the hot start to the 3 players from Deadmonton, who were going to be Senators had the Heatley trade gone down? Pretty impressive.

-The jury is still out for me on Erik Karlsson. He definitely played his best game so far in Montreal on Saturday, but he still has a long way to go in my opinion. Though Murray seems to think he's doing well, and of course his is the only opinion that counts.

-Peter Regin will be back in the lineup on Thursday for the Nashville game, he may take Ryan Shannon's spot apparently. Honestly, this doesn't matter either way. Will Carrie Underwood show up for the game?

-Even though he doesn't have that many points this season and no goals, Spezza is definitely playing better. I will give credit when credit is due.

-Pascal Leclaire is the truth. We have our star goalie.
-Milan Michalek is leading the way to be on the back of my new jersey
Feel free to add any random comments you have.

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