Monday, October 26, 2009

Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

As I'm sure most of you know by now, the Sens have played 9 games, going an impressive 5-2-2 without Filip Kuba but now comes a very important decision. You see at 10 games played, it counts for a year off Erik Karlsson's rookie deal. Which means the next game he plays, a year is gone. So there is speculation he may be done with the Sens this year, as to me at least, he has looked out of place and Brian Lee would help us out more immediately for this season.

The options are:

-He can stay with the Sens and continue to play mediocorely, taking up Lee's spot
-He can be sent to Binghamton, but no point as it would still count as a year off his deal
-He can be sent back to Sweden to develop and rookie deal still intact

So those are our options. To me, the best one is to send him back to Sweden. I was never on board with Karlsson being a phenom this year and his play has proved me right. We all knew he would be a liability on the back end, but he was expected to be an offensive force, esepcially on the PP, where we have struggled mightily, having one of the worst PP's in the league so far.

The kid has 3 points in 9 games so far, but they have been invisible points and he hasn't done enough on offense to justify his horrible defensive play. I know he's a rookie and he will be up and down, that's to be expected but to me the decision is easy.

Adding to the speculation is the fact that Karlsson didn't practice this morning, but the team says he is simply under the weather, which is most likely true. Murray has said before that the games deadline won't affect his decision on Erik but how could it not? It would be foolish to not take that into account BM.

In the end, I think he should be on a plane to his homeland in a day or two, but all signs seem to point to him staying around. For whatever reason, BM loves this kid and seems to have yellow and blue colored glasses when it comes to young Erik. I don't get the hype at all, but that's why I'm a writer and he's the GM I guess. Maybe they see something me and everyone else doesn't.

So what's your call, has he done enough to stick around and is worth burning a year off his deal? Or would it be better for him to go to Sweden and keep his rookie deal untouched, while having Brian Lee replace him instead?


Rob R. said...

I'd rather see him sent to Bingo for the season. I realize that this would still burn a year off his entry-level contract, but think of it this way...

In a few years, if we send Erik to Sweden, we could potentially have Karlsson, Cowen and Weiroch all up for contract renewals at the same time. If all three pan out as expected, then we would be put in a very tough spot, cap-wise.

If we send him to Bingo, then at least we will be able to stagger that a bit. And, he'll still get better experience/conditioning there than he would back home in Sweden. Let him become a superstar in the AHL first.

I agree that Lee would help this team out right not a lot more than Erik currently is.

Just my two cents, though.

The Mayor said...

Good point, Id be in favor somewhat of him in Bingo too, he could play a ton, get used to NA style of play and still be called up if needed or if his play was spectacular.

He looks like he could use some more confidence

Anonymous said...

It would not take a year off his entry-level deal if he played in Bingo (as long as he was sent down before the 10 game mark). Get your facts straight if you want to be taken seriously.

The Mayor said...

From my understanding from what ive read, it would count as a year even in Bingo


Anonymous said...

A player only uses up a year off his entry level contract while playing in the AHL if he is over the age of 21. Like in Regin's case, but not Karlsson's.

The Mayor said...

unlucky for us, i dont think it will even matter, i think he will be staying put with the Sens

Anonymous said...

For the life of me I cannot understand fans who want to send Karlsson back to Sweden.

I think it stems from people trying to be clever from a managerial standpoint but the fact remains that if Karlsson looks out of place going back to Sweden to play Euro hockey will not help him. Karlsson will need to play in the AHL, get used to the ice size, and flow of the game otherwise it isnt a waste of an entry level year but rather one of his life, and the franchise throws everything he has learned this year out the window while Karlsson goes back to his comfort zone. It is more important to actually develop a player then risk his development to save money.

Adam M said...

I agree, he is better off staying in NA then keep playing Euro Hockey.

The other question is whether or not it will affect his confidence in being "demoted" as has been stated in the past, that Eriksson would consider the move a punishment.

I think this is where Alfie would need to come in and help the kid understand the difference between personal gain and team gain that is probably a very hard lesson to learn for any rookie.

Anonymous said...

Leave him right where he is. He can help immediately, and will only get better as the year goes on - especially if paired with Kuba when he returns.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone think he will have such an issue going to the AHL? He isn't the first rookie to go through that. Spezza was the 2nd overall pick, and he kept getting sent down.

The Mayor said...

I agree, he is hardly this huge superstar.

The Sens are his employer, he doesnt have a huge say in the matter.

I wouldnt mind if he went to bingo for awhile though and he could be the first call up. Get some experience and still has the chance to play with the Sens if his play improves.

Anonymous said...

Clouston is all about accountability and all that and Karlsson simply hasnt earned his spot.

Send him home

Anonymous said...

Problem Solved, sent to bingo, thank god