Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Win Is A Win

In was has become a theme this year, the Sens managed to hold on late, to beat the lowly Florida Panthers 4-3, in what was a sloppy game to the say the least.

The Sens took 7 penalties to Florida's 1, in what has become a recurring problem for us. We can't continue to be so undisciplined as a team, especially when they are coming from role players like Picard and Cheechoo, who took 2 in the offensive zone. If you're not going to score, at least don't hurt us.

Our goals came from Alfie, Ruutu, Fisher on a beautiful tip and Foligno, who scored the oldest way in the book. Bank it off McCabe's skate of course. That's his signature play. Filip Kuba looked a little rusty in his return after missing 8 games but still managed to have a quiet 2 point night.

Pascal Leclaire started the game but didn't finish it. Near the end of the first period, he told triple C that he was feeling dizzy. When the 2nd period began, Elliott took over and was shaky, especially with his rebound control.

The real issue of the night however, was that Anton Volchenkov left the game midway through the 3rd and didn't return. Hopefully it isn't anything too serious, as this would be a major blow to our team.

Other notes from the game:

-For those of you who saw the game on TV, was that an amateur broadcast or what? Crappy quality picture, poor following of the puck by the cameramen and awful anecdotes.

-Were there more then 5,000 people at the game?

-Great effort by Shean Donovan, who worked hard all night and even had a fighting major. Making it hard for Shannon to reclaim his spot.

Anyways, this was anything but a spectacular performance, but a win is a win right? We got the 2 points and that's what matters. Hopefully the A-Train is ok and off to Tampa to do it all over again tomorrow.

Sens are now 6-2-2, good for 14 points.

What were your thoughts on the game?


Master Of Puppets said...

Ruutu has 6 points in 10 games. Kinda where I expected Cheechoo to be. He has 3 times the points but makes 2 thirds less. WTF?
On the up side Cheechoo had a nice chance but was only .25 step ahead of the Fla D and barely got off a shot, much less have time to put it upstairs.

At least some players have stepped up ... Ruutu is halfway to last years goal total with 72 games to play.

Colin said...

How about Clouston making Cheechoo a healthy scratch?

BlueRocks said...

I like Alfie and all but to say that he has had a strong start to the season is a stretch. He had a reallr bad couple of games last week. Seems to be turning it around now but still has a ways to go to reach his normal level.

Cheecho was pretty bad on the top line but seemed to be more comfortable after moving down the pecking order.

On the positive side, there were some good things about the Florida broadcast. It is always nice to hear what the opposition thinks about your team and the star players. They offered a nice little bit about the longest serving captain in the NHL currently and what Alfie's teammates think about him. Nice.

At least they could pronounce players names properly unlike the national CBC crew (from Toronto of course).

The Mayor said...

Ya that's true, they did try to do a thing on Alfie but the girl doing it was awful, kept stuttering and looked nervous.

Alfie has 14 points in 10 games, seems like a good start to me, on pace for over 100 this year

And yes i agree that cheechoo should soon be a healthy scratch