Monday, November 09, 2009

We're #1.......At Being Bad

Well we might not be number one in the division or the conference, but we are number at something at least. The problem is we're number one at penalty minutes per game. This should come as no surprise to any big Sens fan, who regularly watches. In our last 2 games, we have given up 5 goals, all of which were scored on the powerplay.

With the 39 minutes in penalties we took on Saturday night, we have now taken over the top spot in the NHL. Yay us, psych! This is not a good sign at all, as undisciplined teams rarely prosper, except apparently when they play us in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Through 14 games this season, we have taken 277 total penalty minutes, good for 20.2 minutes per game, which is truly unbelievable. Now of course fight minutes are counted in this, but still, you get the idea. We need to stop this insanity asap. Hopefully Triple C gives them a good yelling at practice and cures this case of the penalties. Is there a shot for it?



Anonymous said...

We have had shitty goaltending, plain and simple. The rest of this other stuff is BS.

If we had better goaltending we would have 6-8 more points in the standings right now.

Anonymous said...

We have had shitty goaltendng, but we have also had shitty D after the top pair. And Cheechoo and Kovalev have been shit and taken too many penalties.