Saturday, January 23, 2010

Deja Vu Win

Another afternoon game in Boston and another win, who woulda thunk it. After being the Bruins' prison bitch for the past few years, the Sens have made it 2 in a row againt the B's, and both in the same week. It begs the question, are we now Boston's kryptonite? Are we in the bizzaro world? Until I see Feldman, Vargas, Kevin and Gene, I won't know for sure but it's a great start.

Of course I have to give it up to Spezza, who scored the game winner on his first game back. Was it just me or did he look refreshed and motivated today? A verynice first game back for Giggles indeed.

Once again, another team effort, with no one really playing poorly and no one player standing out either. Obviously the key to us winning is a 60 minute effort and good goaltending. Brian Elliott was decent, not spectacular but he got the win and that's what counts in the end. That and the 2 points we won.

With the win, the Sens have opened up a 5 point gap in 5th place in the east. Quite impressive seeing as how 10 days agow e were tied for 8th and struggling. That's how fast things can turn in the NHL, oh ya a sweet 6 game win streak doesn't hurt either.

In the words of Jay Z, On To The Next One.........


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Anonymous said...

I didn't catch the whole game but from what I saw Spezza did look refreshed. It looked like he had an extra step to separate himself from checkers.