Friday, January 29, 2010

Exclusive: Carrie and Mike Step Out

Thanks goes out to a big fan of the site, who sent these Exclusive pictures in, though they wish to remain anonymous. Hope you all like them. It looks like Fisherwood was quite happy and jovial throughout the night, which was at a charity gala for the Sens Foundation, that ended up raising $325,000. Not bad in an economic downturn for one night of work.
Thoughts? Leave your comments.

Also shoutout to Carrie, who will be singing the anthem at the Superbowl on February 7th, that's major.


Texasstarfan said...

These are great pictures! Carrie is so stunningly beautiful in person that even these great pictures don't do her justice. She is the sweetest and most natural person in dealing with anyone. Some say Mike Fisher is one lucky guy but from what I hear from you Canadians Carrie is the lucky one.
She has been smiling ear to ear and glowing with happiness since early last year. Mike is quite the guy. A very lovely couple.

Anonymous said...

Such great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Great couple!

Emily_T said...

GREAT PICTURES OF A GREAT COUPLE and 2 AMAZING PEOPLE so happy for them both its hard to find 2 better people than Carrie and Mike