Saturday, January 30, 2010

Franchise History Made On HDIC

So there you have it Sens fans, something we have never seen in 17 years of play, the Sens winning 9 in a row. How sweet was it to come against Montreal as well? Not too shabby at all.

We started the game off well and were firmly in control, we looked to be cruising to fairly easy victory in my opinion, until we did the one thing you can't do against the Habs, we took penalties. The Habs have a real problem scoring 5 on 5, but scored on the 2 powerplays we did give them to tie it up. Especially bad was Chris Kelly's near the end of the game, how ironic is this from the program at SBP? Haha

In the OT period we were screwed over LARGE by referee Tim Peel, who deprived us of a clear penalty shot and then called a needless penalty on Jason Spezza. Hopefully he recieves some sort of repremand for nearly costing us the game. But in the end, we won in OT with a goal by none other then Mr OT himself, Mike Fisher.

All in all it was a great start to Hockey Day In Canada and amazing to see us pull through and get the W, even if we did give MTL a point. Does it ever feel good to set a franchise record for wins in a row. I love the way this team is playing. Celebrating HARD tonight!!! Come join the Mayor out and about. Pictures from the night will be post as it happens on my Twitter so follow me.

Thoughts from the game:

-Another team effort was amazing to see, good crowd too

-Karlsson played very well again, he's bringing me over to the dark side....slowly.

-Kuba had a pretty good game too.

-For once against MTL, Alfie was held pointless

-Let's hope Foligno isn't too hurt, good lookin out on the blocked shot though. (Update: Out 6-8 weeks with a Broken Leg, poor guy)

-Loved seeing Kovie score against his old club

-I'm loving Regin and great to see Spezza score again

-Kelly has to be smarter and not take that penalty

-Triple C for coach of the year? He's got my vote, as does Guy Carbonneau for worst annoucer of all time.

So there you have it, what a feeling! 9 in a row wow! Did you ever think we'd get there just a few weeks ago? I sure didn't. The way we've turned things around is truly remarkable and shows the potential this team has. We may have lost Heatley but we're a better TEAM without him. Don't look now Pittsburgh but we're only 1 point behind you for 4th.


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Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Sens. Why were you not at the game Mr. Mayor, did a Habs fan offer you a good price for you seat?