Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kicking Ass And Taking Names

Another team we haven't beaten in forever is now history, first Boston and now New Jersey falls victim to the Sens tonight, in a shutout 3-0 win, our SEVENTH in a row. That is our longest streak since we started the season on fire in 2007-08.

Man I just can't say enough about our team, we dominated really from start to finish, New Jersey was never in the game, we even chased Martin Brodeur from the net, so take that. We previously hadn't beaten Jersey since early 2007, when we spoiled the debut of their new stadium.

Put it this way, Brian Elliott had a shutout and was the 3rd star. Ya we dominated them that much, I can't even remember a nice save he had to make.

Thoughts from the game:

-I give credit where it's due, Karlsson looked good again tonight, hell so did Kuba.

-Shoutout to Real Sens Army who were loud all night out of Sec 305, well done.

-Good to see Spezza on the scoresheet in back to back games.

-Loved seeing Ruutu draw that penalty from Peters and just standing there with a funny ass smirk on his face. On a scale of 1-10, how bad do you think Peters hates Ruutu from the biting incident? I'm gonna say about a 17.

-Kovie had another nice game, he sure is fun to watch

-Nice to see 18k plus on hand at SBP, and they were loud all night, especially loving up the wave.

-Poor Cheechoo, can the guy get a break? this guy couldn't score in a whore house, Hiiiiiiiyo!!

So now we try and make it 8 in a row on Thursday vs the Penguins in Pittsburgh, who we owe an ass kicking to for that 8-2 pounding before Christmas and for taking out Alfie. You're next up on our list Penguins, look out!



Anonymous said...

I good way to save salary next year for Volchenkov would be to send Cheechoo to the AHL and put someone like Zach Smith in his place.

The Mayor said...

i would love that but if that was gonna happen, wouldnt they just do it now? sadly i see him prob around next year, BM seems to like him for whatever reason

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind seeing BM go too. Maybe, he will come to his senses if he realizes the Sens might lose the A-Train. I also think that obviously no one would take Cheechoo... I can see someone taking Kelly though.

Anonymous said...

who was doing the ole thing all night? what are we, habs fans? it made me feel a little sick.

Anonymous said...

it was not ole it was KOVY!, KOVY KOVY KOVY!!! and it was from sec 305 the RSA the loudest fans in the library always!!!!