Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Win Deserved

Another nice game all around by the Sens, winning 4-2 like I called in the GDP. They once again played a full 60 minutes and the results came again. They now have back to back wins against teams directly competeing for their playoff spot.

Once again, the story was Alfie and goaltending. Daniel Alfredsson made a "surprise" appearance tonight and had a hand in all 3 goals, scoring 1 and assisting on 2. He is simply unbelievable, are we sure he is even human? What a Legend!!

Mike Brodeur was very solid again, minus the 2nd goal, which was awful, but other then that he was great. He is now 3 for 3 in his NHL career, do we have a goaltending controversy on our hands? I would say so, at least for the time being.

Thoughts from the game:

-What has happened to Fisher? Not only had he not scored in 15 games (he netted the empty netter finally tonight), but he can't seem to play anymore either. He had trouble skating and staying on his feet, making passes and controlling the puck. No coinicidence, the struggle is around the time perioud he got engaged, just sayin'. (see Spezza getting married/cold streak)

-We need do to a better job clearing the puck out of our end when we get the chance or it will come back to haunt us.

-We also need to be more disciplined, you can't take so many penalties against the league's best PP, especially bad were the Karlsson and Fisher penalties in my opinion.

-Interesting to hear Mike Brodeur almost retired last year but stayed as a result of Jacques Martin signing him, ouch!

-Man is Guy Carbonneau an awful commentator. Now he's brutal at 2 different careers. He was a great player though.

-Great to see us come back and play so well after going down 2-1, gutcheck time and we responded.

-Gorgeous 1st career goal from Zack Smith. That's one to remember. The kid had a nice game as well, bring an extra phsyical force to the team, I hope he sticks around.

So there you go, we now have a 2 game win streak and are looking considerably better as a whole. We now travel to Boston for a Monday afternoon affair, look for Brodeur to get the nod again. See what can happen when we play a full 60 mins? We win. Until next time....



Anonymous said...

You had me interested until you started blaming Fish's engagement on his performance. Everyone loved the relationship when he was scoring, but not that he has returned to his regular form and now its the relationship's fault. So what was the excuse last year and the year before? Alfie fell out of the game around the engagement so maybe that has more to do with it. The entire team sucked when Alfie left.

The Mayor said...

Good point, Fisher is always a streaky player but going 15 games this season without a goal is brutal and i dont really count tonights as him breaking the slump either

He was awful all game