Friday, February 12, 2010

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead


What a great day to start my weekend, as my most hated Senator is traded away this morning. That's right, Alexandre Picard, who was bloody awful last night btw, as per usual, was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes along with a 2010 2nd round pick in return for veteran centre Matt Cullen.

Cullen, who is 33, has 12 goals and 28 assists, good for 40 points in 60 games on an awful Carolina team. He brings some added secondary scoring for us and can play the point on our powerplay as well.

Why is it we often trade with Carolina?

Anyways, I think it's a decent deal considering it didn't cost us too much. Picard was dead weight and only playing because Karlsson was injured so no loss there and a 2nd is fine to give up since we have two 2nd rounders this year. Nice move BM.

The only question I have is do we need another centre? By my count we already have Spezza, Fisher, Regin and Kelly as centreman, but you can always use another faceoff man I guess.

Now we are left one defenceman short until Karlsson returns. Derek Smith has been called up from Bingo to play, but let's be honest, he isn't the solution. So does BM have another move up his sleeve? I still think we need another defenceman more then the forward we acquired.

With the addition of Cullen, where does that leave Cheechoo? I don't see any room for him with Cullen and Foligno coming back in a few weeks. Or does Triple C sit someone else? We shall see what happens I guess.

At least I can celebrate the departure of Picard and the addition of some scoring. Seems we're making a cup run, ain't nothing wrong with that.

Thoughts on the deal?


Anonymous said...

whats happier then happy? cuz that's what i am haha

Anonymous said...

great deal, im excited