Monday, March 08, 2010

Doing The Lords Work

Ah yes, another successful conversion of a Maple Leaf fan coming to his SENSes and joining the mob known as Sens Army. Can't really blame him. The only question I have is what took ya so long?

In typical Leaf fan style, he was wearing a jersey of a player who no longer plays for the team. With such ugly gear, it's no wonder he was signing up to get some fresh new Sens swag to finally feel some pride when he leaves Ontario. I salute you sir. Hopefully this will catch on and more and more join the better team in the province. Remember Leaf Nation, 4 years and soon to be 5 with no playoffs and 42 and counting with no cup. Just a not so friendly reminder.

Spotted at the Battle of Ontario at SBP.


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Anonymous said...

haha awesome LEAFS SUCCK!