Thursday, March 25, 2010

“Hello Ottawa, I guess I can consider this a hometown crowd” -- Carrie Underwood

Nice quote by Ms. Underwood. Way to get the Ottawa fans on your side, smart, very smart Carrie. The Mayor has warmed up to you over the past year.

The reviews from her "hometown" show last night are in, and they seem to be pretty positive. Of course good ol' #12 was there watching with his family, along with 8,400 others. I'm not quite sure if that's a good or bad crowd. Forgive my country music ignorance. The CULV12 licence plate is a bit much though Carrie.

All in all I'm sure her fans had a great time and NO I did not attend, so stop asking me Underwood fans. If you're a fan or not a fan, it's always nice to see someone embracing our city as their home, so shoutout to Carrie for that.

Hopefully she inpsired her beau for the stretch run and playoffs, because we could certainly use the 1st half of the season Fisher anytime now. For those who wanna see more of her from the show, peep the photo gallery.

Sorry to go all Page Six on you loyal readers but this is a Sens related story whether we like it or not and many people do ask me and email me about them, so I cater to what the readers want sometimes. That's what happens when you have off days and we're coming off back to back shutout wins, hard to complain about anything for now.

Anyways, welcome back to Ottawa Carrie, hope you had a good show in your new home town.

Still waiting for my interview Carrie....I have a feeling I'll be waiting awhile.

Thoughts? Come on Underwood fans, let me have it.


Anonymous said...

Shit, just saw a video of game 1 against buffalo in 06... almost threw up. I remember when that happened I just stared at the TV for minutes afterward trying to figure out what happened. I knew Hasek would get hurt in the Olympics. I am fired up for these playoffs now though.

howard's peer said...

if u wanna get real sick... you pascal leclaire highlights from a couple years ago...