Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Got My Wish

On Friday, I wrote this. On Sunday it came true. Coinicidence? Probably, but glad to see young Zachary back in the lineup. He will help spark the team and will be playing in MTL tomorrow, home of his 1st ever NHL goal, which was a beauty by the way.



Anonymous said...

Too bad Broudeur didn't make the trip as well. So is he filling in for Michalek or is someone else going down?

Sensational Sens Fan said...

Probably just a move to shake up the team, and hope he'll score another goal.

Anonymous said...

smart move...Going to the game tomorrow

Go Sens Go!

Anonymous said...

I approve.

Anonymous said...

They should bring up Chris Holt, he could solve both our goaltending and offensive woes lol

The Mayor said...

Brodeur is injured in Bingo, that's why Holt was playing on friday when he scored and got the win.

Ryan Shannon is sitting to make room for Zack, cant blame him, Shannon hasnt scored in 21 games.

Sure glad we inked him to an extension already, sigh