Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Gift To You

While the Sens fell just short of clinching a playoff spot last night with ATL and NY winning, there is little doubt that we will make the playoffs. It's a question of when, not if. Well playoff tickets go on sale to the general public on Saturday at 10am, but come on, you know I take care of my readers. If you wanna get them early, I've got the hook up for ya. Starting on Wendesday March 31st at 10am and going until Friday April 2nd at 5pm, I've got the link and password to buy tickets early for all you loyal Sens Town readers.

To buy tickets early click here and the password is ALLIN


darksideofm00n said...

got my rounds 1 to 4 tickets in the mail yesterday pretty pumped; just want to comment on the high quality of the images on them, they are pretty awesome. If I get around to it ill post a pic. If we continue to play like this I have no doubt that I will have a chance to use the round 4 tickets.

Anonymous said...

I think the 4th round is still a very long shot, however bad the East may be. Streakiness does not work in the playoffs.

Mayor, think Chris Kelly will finish with more points than Michalek?

Also, I bet I could count the number of strides Kovalev takes per shift on one hand.

Anonymous said...

Melnyk was on the Fan 590 today and I think he hinted that Kuba is done for the year. He was talking about players getting hurt at the Olympics, he said something about how the Sens lost Hasek last time and said they had a similar situation with a player this time that has not yet been announced.

Anonymous said...

thanks mister mayor, ill see you there!

Gerard Sturgo said...

THANK YOU...just got 2 tickets each for games 1 and 2!!! Now I can scalp them for 500% the price I paid...just kidding.

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