Thursday, March 04, 2010

Same Shit, Different Day

Another day, another game and another crappy effort from the Sens. Did we overrate them perhaps? Certainly seems that way at the moment, after losing back to back games 4-1 and showing little jump in either.

Although neither were spectacular goals, I think pulling Leclaire only 6 mins in was a mistake and is ruining his confidence big time, which might hurt us down the road in the playoffs. Triple C is a little quick on the trigger sometimes in my opinion.

I'm just really unimpressed as a whole with the team yet again.

Thoughts from the game:

-Andy Sutton looked pretty good for a guy in his first game. Played solid, jumped into the play a few times and didn't try to do anything fancy. He wasn't as slow as I thought he might be either.

-Big crowd tonight in Hartford, err I mean Raleigh. I'm gonna assume it was because of Staal bobblehead night.

-If anyone finds Mike Fisher's game, please return it to the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club immediately.

-Good to see Matt Cullen get his 1st goal as a Sen, even if it was meaningless and nothing to write home about.

-Our defence looked very slow tonight, we needed a PMD yesterday.

-Picard still sucks!

-Are the players aware they have to shoot the puck to score? They're trying to be too fancy, just shoot it!!!!!!!!!!

-Chris Kelly is driving me insane.

Thought's on the "game" ?


Anonymous said...

Just call it the Cheechoo curse.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated to the game I just realized how much Stephen Harper reminds me of Gary Bettman.

Anonymous said...

no heart tonight from the boys

Anonymous said...