Friday, March 26, 2010

Sens Get Shoutout On 30 Rock

Who's the coolest team in Canada? Montreal? Toronto? Sure seems to be the Sens these days. We had Hilary Duff, we now permanently have Carrie Underwood and last night on the Emmy award winning show 30 Rock, the Sens got a big time shoutout, with our home arena, jersey, scoreboard and of course the Ottawa Senators themelves all being mentioned and shown. Ya we're pretty much a big deal. Love the Sir Coulier reference.

Suck on that Leaf and Hab fans!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh man, that's awesome! I never watch that show but that is seriously obscure and funny. Sir Dave Coulier!!! LOL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what an amazing job picking that up on your blog! I love it, well done. No one else is doing stuff like this, well done.

(more of this and less of the queer jersey critiquing pls)