Monday, March 01, 2010

What Time Is It? Trade O'Clock

Now that the Olympics are over, the trade freeze is over too as of midnight. With around 60 hours left until the 3pm Wednesday deadline, trade talk is heating up and deals can be announced anytime they want. So who will stay and who will go? It will be an interesting few days here in Sens Town that's for sure.

Bryan Murray and Eugene Melnyk both sound like they think we have the team to make a serious run this year, and they may want to make a big splash or at least a minor tinker on defence. What will happen is anyone's guess, but it will be a nervous couple of days for guys like Brian Lee, Ryan Shannon, Shean Donovan and a few others.

Let the madness begin.

Thoughts on what might happen?


Anonymous said...

have u heard anything about us getting Aaron Ward mayor?

id like to get kubina i think

Anonymous said...

All I want is for us to pick up someone who has a bullet at the point and ideally isnt a defensive liability.

The Mayor said...

I've heard a lot about Ward but I personally don't want him at all. Though I believe Ward is just a backup should BM not be able to pick up anyone better, though I have a feeling him and Euge wanna make a splash this year