Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is The Fix In For Sens?

It's no secret that professional sports leagues have agendas. They claim to be unbiased, but let's be real, they want whatever will make them the most money in the end, whatever that may be. It's said that the worst thing that can happen to any league, is that the fans find out the games are not legitimate, that the outcome has been predetermined, as that ruins the credibility of the league of course. That was David Stern's main concern with the game fixing by former referee Tim Donaghy last year, although the NBA has long been synonymous with getting the marquee teams through the playoffs (see the LA Lakers-Sacramento Kings 2000 Western Confernce Finals series) to maximize tv ratings. My worry is that's what going to happen when the Sens take on the Penguins starting on Wednesday. The NHL just has too much riding on this to leave it to chance.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are the defending Stanley Cup Champions, but in reality, they're way more then that. They are the league's marquee team, both in tv ratings and popularity, they're the NHL's version of rock stars, and that's what worries me. In contrast, the Ottawa Senators are small potatoes. We're a small market team, with loyal fans, but we don't generate much interest outside of the capital. We're not the Montreal Canadiens or Toronto Maple Leafs, who each have a license to print money with their millions of fans spread all over North America, but rather a team who survives on paid attendance from a city who simply loves hockey. The result is a tv ratings disaster. So all of this begs the question, will the NHL make sure the Penguins advance?

It sure would help their growing the game in the United States agenda wouldn't it? It has long been known that the NHL doesn't care about ratings in Canada, since they will always be strong, Canadian teams involved deep in the playoffs or not, and that where the real money is, is to get more Americans to watch. They're off to a great start, as the Olympic Gold Medal Game was a ratings bonanza south of the border, with 27.6 million Americans tuning in, up 45% from Salt Late City, which is amazing news. Now the NHL hopes to capitalize on this popularity with a great playoff run and they need their marquee teams involved. It's also no coincidence that Gary Bettman's main goal for next season is to get a major network deal for the NHL. What better bargaining chip then huge ratings? Something the Senators will not deliver.

The Penguins of course also have the golden boy, Sidney Crosby. Love him or hate him ( I loathe him) but people do turn into watch and in massive numbers. The NHL can hardly have him eliminated in round 1 if they hope to get a tv deal, can they? It's not just Crosby that's a problem though. Take a look at the NHL's best selling jerseys and you'll find 3 Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL's top 4. Yes that's right, 3 out of the league's top 4 selling jerseys are Penguins, with only Alexander Ovechkin cracking thier top 3 attempted monopoly. If you're the NHL, don't you NEED a 7 game Washington-Pittsburgh Eastern Conference Finals?

Now I'm not saying the fix is defininetly in, but I wouldn't be surprised if a sketchy penalty or two per game, at just the right moment were called against us. Just wait and see, it will happen, I can almost guarantee it. It is what's best for the NHL. Some of you are probably thinking I'm just making an excuse for us if we don't win, well I'm not. Despite all this, I still think we can suprise the hockey world and take the series. Everyone has doubted us all year, what's another 4 rounds.

It's just too good of a conspiracy theory to dismiss and one that makes practical SENSe. The NHL simply can't afford the Pens to go out to a small market Canadian team like Ottawa. So Sens fans, get ready for some of the worst officiated games you have ever seen, all courtesy of the NHL for their own gain, all the while claiming it's for the good of the game.



Anonymous said...

I think your absolutely on to something here - but we can't let that BS stop us. We have to beat the birds and beat em bad - we need to win by 2-3 goals/game - because otherwise I don't see us winning the close games. If we are up by only 1 going into the third period then i think we'll see the zebra's (aka managers of the game) make a number of suspect calls against the Sens.

BUT, it really depends on which sens team shows up. If its the one with solid defence and great goaltending by Elliot, then we will win this series in 4 or 5 games. If its our 'Hyde' team (aka the losing one) then we're done in 4 games. Lets hope its the first team.

Anonymous said...

couldnt agree more, bettman will screw us

Canuck Abroad said...

We saw it during the season everytime we played floundering teams in the Southern US, (aka Florida, Tampa Bay, Nashville, Atlanta, etc.) Bad call after bad call and what was the result this year? A better penalty killing team that should help us come playoff time.

Anonymous said...

In order for a Caps/Pens final, you'll also need either the Bruins or the Flyers upsetting in the first round otherwise Caps/Pens meet in the 2nd round.

Conspiracy theories usually have too many pieces to make work. They might be complicit to the level of favourable calls in a game by game basis but there's no plan to get them both to the finals.


Anonymous said...

Bettman knows he needs the cry baby to make it far, too bad the Sens will still find a way t get it done

Sens in 6

eli said...

Let's not forget the very debatable officiating in the final series against the Ducks. Pronger, although suspended, still got away with lots of dirty stuff.

So in 2007, what was better for the NHL growing the game; a victory for an American team, with the majority of NHL franchises in the US, or a Canadian team with probably very little fan support in the US?

BR said...

I also agree that you're on to something. But our guys can overcome that with good play. Winning comes from within - all guys firing on all cylinders. G'luck guys and make us proud!

Anonymous said...

The series hasn't even started yet and you're complaining?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Excuses already? At least wait until the puck drops to start your whining.

Anonymous said...

Occam's razor says The simplest answer is usually the correct answer. If the Penguins win, the simplest answer is that they were the better team. No conspiracy necessary.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a ridiculous and stupid blog post. Can we all just please understand the fact that the defending Stanley Cup champs will steamroll through the Sens and the first round and embarass this team with or without the NHL's help.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not saying the fix is definitely in" ... "Just wait and see, it will happen" ... ? don't waffle, say what you've got to say buddy

The Mayor said...

Let's do the math here. All the other comments agree or are at least civil and then within 10 minute span, there's 4 hating comments all saying the same thing hmmmmmmmmmmm........im gonna go with the same person posting 4 times lol

Jason said...

This might be the funniest thing I have read all day. The only thing that guarantees the Penguins continue to the next round is that they are better then the Senators and will beat them all over the ice. Go join the Flyers and Redwings fans complaining about how the refs and Bettman are "fixing" games so the Pens win. You sound just as pathetic as they do.

Darren said...

If the Senators lose it's because the Penguins are a better team. It's that simple.

The fact is that there will always be bad calls by refs, and therefore people can always read into it that the game was fixed. It's not going to be.

The Mayor said...

I didnt say it was a FACT, i said it's a possibility and if you seriously think the NHL doesnt care who wins youre naive.

Anonymous said...

Wow, i thought only Wings fans cried this much? Way to start with the excuses already...just because the Sens couldnt close it when they actually had a good team a few years ago, doesn't me the world is against you. I dont think you'll have to worry though, this should be quick and painless!!!

usuf said...

Yeah all that is pretty far fetched man. If we can play hard against the pens and have our goalies give a solid playoff worthy effort every night we stand a good chance.

Why exactly do you hate Crosby though? Because he works his tail off every single game and basically exemplifies what kind of hockey we want our own team and/or kids to play? Get real man. Or do you prefer the Ovechkin take on hockey whereby you shoot the puck as soon as you hit the opponents blue line? Pff.

The Mayor said...

I cant stand the way he acts entitled, the way he whines, how fucking boring he is, the way he looks, the wya he dives, the way he complains non stop and how many bang wagon penguin fans he created.

He is an excellent hockey player, but i am not a fan at all.

Plako said...

this blog is a JOKE

Anonymous said...


The Mayor said...

I love all the hate, keep it up people, it's all good, means i did a good job, hi haters!

Anonymous said...

Wings fan here, and I just have to say that to beat the Pens, even with the fix coming, you're depth has to show...

In the end it comes down to shutting down Crosby and Malkin, and letting you're 3rd and 4th lines win the game.

Anonymous said...

dont listen to all these losers mayor, cool piece and i agree the NHL does want pittsburgh to win, doesnt mean they will fix it but a few calls here and there can make all the differnce.

Did any of you fucktards read the article? He's just making a theory, he isnt saying the NHl is fixing the games or anything. He's provoking discussion

usuf said...

Well to each his own, good on ya for keeping the site going though, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't mean you did a good job. It means people think you're a joke. Insane conspiracy theories explaining why you will lose before the games even start. You're a pathetic excuse for a fan and an even more pathetic human being.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. Honestly, sad, pathetic and in no way entertaining or even comedic. You can write, I see that. Your passion is not questioned, but why even bother writing this garbage. Write about how your goalie honestly believes the street hockey prepared him for playoffs. That's a story!

Anonymous said...

Pens are going to dominate whether the refs are on our side or not. Sidney Crosby...nough said.

The Mayor said...

Does anyone seriously not think that the NHL would prefer the Penguins to win over the Sens?

Im sure we all agree they would. Now this article doesnt say they are fixing, it just proposes the possibility and the reasons why they would want it.

The cant have Sid the Kid go out in the first round and have their ratings tank when theyre trying to negotiate a tv contract finally.

Does it mean Bettman will sit down with the refs and say make sure pittsburgh wins? No of course not, but doesnt mean it isnt subtly implied or that the refs dont also know whats best for the league and their wallets long term too.

It's natural for refs to have emotions and a slight bias against teams, see Auger earlier this year.

Is the game 100% fixed? NO!

Can the Sens win? YES!

Is there a slight possibility that a few borderline calls can go the penguins way, Of course!

And that's all im saying, so relax everyone!

Filly Fan said...

Does no one remember that Crosby barely ever scores against Ottawa and that they always hut him down? Plus they split the season series and the Pens D is weak as hell.

I dont know about conspiracy theories but Ottawa is underrated and has a good team thast capable of beating pittsburgh.

Sens beat the Pens in 5, you heard it here first!

André said...

Oh come on. This is ridiculous.

Funny btw how the Pens were called for more two minute minors than the Wings in last year's finals. Bad strategy by Bettman and the refs as that didn't help them very much. And before mentioning puck possession and time on offense; the Pens lead those stats in most of the games.

There are so many things that have to come together for sports tournaments/playoffs to be rigged. Could never happen without people noticing.

Pensfan said...

You cant stand the way he acts entitled, the way he whines, how boring he is, the way he looks, the way he dives, the way he complains non stop and how many bang wagon penguin fans he created...but you say..

--> "He is an excellent hockey player"

Nice. Is this what all Canadien hockey blogs are like? It's no wonder, your teams are so bad.

Crosby is a leader, a hard working player and one of the best in the league.

As the other guy said, this will be quick and painless.

Go Pens.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more pensfan. PENS FOR LIFE! Quick and painless, quick and painless.

Anonymous said...

When the Pens won two years ago, it must have been a Conspiracy too. Only thing is, they blew out the Sens in four games. Get a life and stop blaming officials, the league, TV, the bad ice, weather, etc. for when the Sens lose again.

The Mayor said...

Quick and painless like when we beat you in 5 games without breaking a sweat 3 years ago Pittsburgh Fans?

Anonymous said...

Quote: "I cant stand the way he acts entitled, the way he whines, how fucking boring he is, the way he looks, the wya he dives, the way he complains non stop and how many bang wagon penguin fans he created."
You don't watch Pens games, because none of this is remotely accurate, except the way he looks. Which is a matter of personal preference, I suppose.

Quote: "Wings fan here, and I just have to say that to beat the Pens, even with the fix coming, you're depth has to show...

In the end it comes down to shutting down Crosby and Malkin, and letting you're 3rd and 4th lines win the game."
First: Easier said than done. Second: One reason the Pens win is they roll out Jordan Staal after Crosby and Malkin. No one else can match that depth down the middle or with their third defensive pairing.

I'm expecting a bruising series. Pens in six.

Anonymous said...

ahh yes but i do recall that it was last year that the pens were the ones to take the cup home. where were the sens last year? watching the pens win perhaps?

Anonymous said...


Vasili said...

It's obvious none of you took a marketing course in your life, and all work at gas stations or in the Hooters kitchen near Kanata.

The League actually gains nothing by having the Pens win. The Pittsburgh market is already cornered, and winning or losing won't make any difference other than selling a few more name and number tees around Canada and some parts of the U.S.

If the fix was in you tools, the Rangers would be in the playoffs, and wouldn't be a mediocre franchise for the past 15 years. Chicago wouldn't have just gotten out of the dark ages and Bettman's teams in Nashville and Florida would have a ton more success for no other reason than him saying "I told you so" to all the traditionalists.

After all that being said, keep convincing yourselves that big market U.S. teams having success is less important for the NHL than part of the Pennsylvania area.


Scott said...

2007 called. It said you're dumb.

Anonymous said...

i guess im the only one who found the idea interesting.

why do people get so mad at someone they dont even know for writing a blog? clam down people

Russ said...

none of the americans commenting knows shit about hockey, dont let it get ya down sens town, i liked it

Anonymous said...

Crosby is a fag

The Mayor said...

How about another conspiracy theory.

Pens are going bankrupt, cant get a new arena and are going to move and poof they land sidney crosby in the draft that was open to every NHL team.


Leo said...

oh ya i forgot about that good point haha

Anonymous said...

you can't start the mutiny before the ship leaves port...jokes

pens in 2

The Mayor said...

they got Crosby, we got Brian Lee, SMH

Anonymous said...

i am a Sens fan, big time, and i think you are a douche bag, for one, how any hockey fan can loathe Sidney Crosby, is beyond me, i'd personally blow him if he'd come to Ottawa, and don't lie, you'd swallow some sid the kid juice too if he did. the kid won us a gold metal too, so for one to not like the kid is anti-canadian, (just like not enjoying beer, and not liking Neil Young) you shoud be deported. the fix isn't in, the pens are just a better team so they will probs move to the next round, enough said.... Gary betman might be just as much of a douche as you,
so in closeing, you are a knob, and my guess is your from some where west of new brunswick, so go east coast amd keep up the douchie work

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Two things here.

1. I'd love an example of how Crosby acts "entitled." Is it the time he takes out of his schedule to participate in countless acts of charity in the hockey world? Is it the way he plays every game like it's his last? Is it the way he's gracious in accepting awards and talking about his own skill? Is it the way he takes losses with grace and points out what he can do better next time? You should actually watch Sidney Crosby before you attempt to give your expert analysis on him. He had a diving and whining issue as an 18 year old kid in the NHL. I dare you, DARE YOU, to find me a single example of Crosby diving this year.

Good luck with that.

2. Your asinine and sarcastic post about the draft. It was open to all NHL teams, but some teams had more ping pong balls than others. So if we write my name on five peices of paper and yours on one, which name is more likely to get pulled?

Great job, Homer.

Anonymous said...

You are a complete idiot!

Anonymous said...

No doubt Crosby is the most loved and hated player in the league

Anonymous said...

One lil comment about their man crush and all the Crosby fan boys come out haha

You Dont KNOW Sidney people, stop acting like you and defending him like he's your first born

Anonymous said...

all of you crobsy lovers, shut your cock suckers

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. Just like the Red Wings after the cup finals....coinviently forgetting that the Game 2 winning goal was probably the worst non calls on the same play that lead to the goal (yes, hooking and slashing) in the history of the final, or HZ putting his hand over the puck in the crease twice, or the fact that in Games 6 and 7 with the Pens clining to small leads, the Red Wings got 2 power plays per game in the final 10 minutes.

Yeah, it was fixes though.

GIVE ME A BREAK. If anyone watched these games as a true hockey fan and not a homer that would realize this.

That being said, Sens lose in 5, Blackhawks win the cup over the Caps in 6.

Write that down.

Anonymous said...

Delusional Sens fans,
This series will not be close enough for "iffy" penalty calls against the Sens to matter. Just be happy to win 1 game because the Sens will most likely get swept with "Golden Boy" Crosby dominating.

The Mayor said...

Hey all you Pens fans,

Be sure to come back tomorrow so you can see all the ridiculously embrassing photos im posting of your players.

Gotta love people who know them sending me embrassing pics of your team haha

Anonymous said...

If this was all just a big conspiracy based upon money and ratings, wouldn't Bettman at least ensure that Toronto would make the playoffs more than once every 5 years?

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I NEVER comment on blogs. But this one was so dumb and so ridiculous I couldn't help myself.

I hope you don't get paid to write this nonesense.

And this is coming from a Sens fan!

Rob said...

I think you are going to see sketchy officiating in every series throught the playoffs, just like in the NFL, NBA, etc. I don't necessarily think it means that a conspiracy is afoot. I think it means that the officials are human, capable of personal bias and honest mistakes. Don't turn the Sens into the Red Wings with delusions of persecution!

Anonymous said...

I think your points as backwards as they can be. Why do people watch sports when they don't have a team in it? (Which is exactly the kind of fan the NHL is trying to attract, because if you have a team in the playoffs you are watching anyway). They watch to see underdogs win, to see the unexpected, So basicallly having the (little small market team from canada)Sens beat the (defending champs and co-conspirators with the NHL in your opinion)Penguins it would be great for the NHL. I am Looking forward to see what teams like Nashville and Phoenix can do in the playoffs.

Tim said...

Greg Wyshinski? Is that you?

Anonymous said...

Yeah this about sums your idea up.


The Mayor said...

This is whats gonna happen to Cindy


Anonymous said...

A little over the top but whatever. I am a Sens fan and I know that 2 year ago in the last few games of the final the refs were trying to help the Pens out a little so it didn't end that quick. Also, the Pens do have lots of divers.

The only diver on the Sens is Rutuu and the refs ignore him.

Hopefully the Cooke does not play in the series, don't want him taking out any more Sens with intentional knee on knee hits (Donovan). But man this has been an embarrassing season for him. First he gets called out by teammates and then he can barely get off the ice after being KOed by an 18 year old.

Jeff Friesen said...

This conspiracy theory has holes larger than Patrick Lalime's 5-hole in game 7 of the '03 Eastern Conference Finals. Zing!

The Mayor said...

Damn you Friessen,

that one hurt a lot :(

Anonymous said...

Interesting read. I am a Penguin fan, have been since the Lemieux days (most definitely not a bandwagon guy here). That being said, I respect your suspicions with regard to the league and the officiating. However, I don't feel that 'the fix is in'. Every team has been the victim or the beneficiary of bad calls in this league. But to do something of that magnitude would be so transparent, that even the winning team's fans would have a bad taste in their mouths. I think the Senators are a great team (Alfredsson, Spezza, Ruutu, Kovy...beasts). And, regardless of media coverage, Pittsburgh is a small market team on paper (we almost lost the Pens twice to bankruptcy). Bottom line, I think this will be an awesome series. And, if 'the fix' really is in, I will be more disappointed than you guys!

The Mayor said...

annonymous @ 5:19pm wins the best comment of the say so far, he disagreed but was respectful and insightful.

Good luck to the Pens, it should be a great series

The Mayor said...

btw to the guy who said he doesnt isnt entitled or a cheap player, see these and come talk to me:




I could go on

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the Rangers in the playoffs? They are the leagues biggest market, yet they don't qualify. Why haven't the Leafs qualified for the playoffs since the lockout?

Why, despite the fact that Bettman took a chance expanding into the deep south, haven't Atlanta or Columbus had any playoff success? You would think Bettman would make himself look less like an idiot.

There have been Calgary-Tampa, Edmonton-Carolina, and Ottawa-Anaheim finals, yet the league is rigging the playoffs, because Bettman has a crush on Cindy Crosby?

Think with the smart part of your brain.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I find that the NHL tends to lean towards favoring the Canadian teams (especially when it comes to video reviews). The Canadian market doesn't actually pay nearly as much attention to hockey when there are no Canadian teams left. Hockey night in canada always includes candian teams for a reason you know. If you have stats that say otherwise you should provide them, otherwise I don't believe you when you say that Canada pays attention regardless.

Refs? Mostly Canadian, right? I doubt the league is even the ones swaying the decisions, refs still have favorites. They shouldn't but it seems obvious at times that they do.

Also, it is pretty lame to be complaining about a fix before a single game has been played. How dumb you will seem if the Sens win the series easily. You should wait until you have something to whine about before whining, much like Crosby does. He whines, but he doesn't whine BEFORE the game starts.

Anonymous said...

Sens fans, Bettman will make sure the Pens get to the second round. Think the officials are on the up and up? Check out his link to the power play disparities when the Pens play the Caps. I guess the Pens play extra clean and the Caps extra dirty when the meet. Yeah, right.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor,
You obviously have too much time on your hands. I would happily take some of that idle time off your hands with some yard work, household chores, or if I run out of useful tasks, you can resort to pounding sand.
The Pens have stunk up the joint this year (as much as a 101 point team can), but the Sens have been wildly streaky. Like Manic depression, life is good on the way up, but the downside is a drag.
I think your suggested example of "one or two sketchy calls at the right time" is more than a little problematic.
Think back to your playoff-watching experience, and I think you'll agree:
Here's when players most often commit fouls -- when the game is on the line.
Here's when the ref is most likely to make a call (in the playoffs) -- when the foul committed seems to change the course of the game.
So your idea that a call won't be seen by you as textbook, and that it will occur "at the right time" is nothing short of a nonsensical attempt of self-fulfilling prophecy.
Let's agree in advance that both teams will have to play well to get past one another. Let's hope the best team wins. But let's not suggest that a couple of close calls amounts to the farce of barrels of calls in an NBA game.
If the Pens can't take this series, I will cheer for the Canadian teams (including the Sens) to make it an all-Canada final, because the fans there get a raw deal.
Will you return the favor?

Anonymous said...

I think the author of this article won't be able to put his homer mentality aside and truly judge who the better team is when the series is over.

Anyway the Pens don't make it past the second round when we face either the caps or devils, we havn't beat either one all year.

Still i got to give the sens some chance they got a good team. Its just without Kovy they lost a little luster.

Anonymous said...

I love whiny fans that make excuses before the series even starts. If the pens win, which they should, it simply means they are the better team. Do you realize how hard it would be to pull of a "conspiracy" like this? It only takes one person to open their mouth and the whole thing is blown. The better team will win this series fair and square, I guess only time will tell who that is.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. The next thing I am going to read is that Jack Bauer is going to be a referee.

thomas said...

Being a die hard Penguins for as long as I can remember,the Penguins win on talent and talent alone,nothing is handed to us,we have earned our 3 cups with blood,sweat and tears,and the fact that the asshole Bettman would would fix the games does not surprise me,but just like the nimrod Don Cherry,dont think for one minute Bettman is going to do anything for a team in the continental United States,the entire league is Canadian biased,so in closing the NHL is not going to hand anything to anyone unless your names are The Canadian,Maple Leafs or Alexander Ovechkin.....that there is the leagues true golden boy>

Anonymous said...

Please, keep posting videos. Because the two you put up have absolutely nothing to do with a sense of entitlement. Nothing whatsoever. You posted a video of him jumping Brett McLean and swinging at another Panther in a scrum. Look entitlement up in the dictionary and then come back here and actually support your argument.

Crosby has played 371 Regular Season Games and 41 playoff games. You just cited two meager instances, one of which he asked McLean to square off before the draw after McLean had cheapshotted him, and when McLean didn't oblige, Crosby proceeded anyway.

I asked you to explain his sense of entitlement, which you grossly failed to do, and find me an example of Crosby diving that doesn't come from 2006 when he was an 18 year old kid. You didn't do that either.

Instead, you provided two stupid instances and you think that lables Crosby as a cheap player. It's pretty easy to do. In fact, I think I'll do the same!


That Alfie is so cheap. Shooting the puck at guys after the whistle just because he can't beat them!

Bettman loves Sidney said...

"Talent and talent alone", Thomas? That and having the refs in your pockets took your boys far last year.

Carcillo gets suspended a game for bonking Talbot (?) on the head, but Kunitz gets nothing for crosschecking Varlamov in the throat? A 2:1 PP advantage against the Capitals last year, including zero PIM in that game seven? Hal "The Human Wet Blanket" Gill only gets 6 PIM in 24 playoff games? 21 seconds of 6 on 5 against Detroit without even so much as an "oops" from the League? I guess that's what counts for "talent" in the 'Burgh... ignored penalties and gift calls against their opponents.

Pens fans are clueless and blind if they don't see that they are the chosen ones and were literally and figuratively given The Cup last year. Don't be surprised one bit if the Pens carry a wide PPO advantage over the Sens in this series... I just hope the Sens shove it right down their entitled throats and knock out Bettman's pets, sending Sidney back to Mario's house crying like the punk he is. Who makes over $8 million per year and chooses to be someone's houseguest? That's just plain creepy.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think giving the pens powerplays will help the sens??? I mean look out their powerplay, and then look at the sens penalty kill, don't see how "iffy" calls would help the pens win.

Anonymous said...

alright guys....keep believing this so you can have an excuse for when the sens lose. Hockey is such a fast game that refs couldnt possibly have a dramatic effect on a game. And the pens have an awful powerplay anyway, so the league would be doing a disservice to them by giving them more powerplays. People make me laugh sometimes...

Anonymous said...

Wow, i will say you sound like other teams excuse-making fans. I think that if the Sens out-hustle the Pens, it can be real interesting. Fleury isnt playing well, Malkin is exhausted and Sid's back is going to get sore soon.

Crosby never asked for the attention, would love to hear examples of his entitlement, and he is a captain, they are supposed to cry to the refs. Ever watch Gretz or Ron Francis play? Those guys were the worst whiners, but they did their job and tried to get a call later.

He is boring? Yeah, a snooze interview, if he was more personable he would be called cocky. He has dropped the gloves, and then people complain he didnt fight boogaard, or he jumped someone off the face off. Guy cant win. Oh, wait, yes he can and has. I think the NHL has a vested interested in who makes the finals. But for the league to put the fix in? That would destroy the sport. Lots of people think casinos are fixed to, but if it came to light, they would go outta business (i live in vegas, subject comes up all the time).

Not saying that what happened in the NBA cant happen in the NHL, but it would be too big a gamble to let that come out, the league would fold. How much less popular was WWF once they came out and said it was fixed?

And if it is tilting the Pens way, would love to see another Cup in the burgh. You neglected to say how the league would love to close the Igloo and open the newest arena in the league next year with a Stanley Cup celebration.

Anonymous said...

Hey, were is all the Tin Foil?

Damn, used up by people posting on this blog.

Anyone else know where I can get some?

Anonymous said...

Bettman loves Cindy, I 'm just wondering how Henrik Zetterberg covering the puck in the crease in both games 1 and 2 in last years finals with no call on either to go along with the Wings having 9 more PPs in the 7 games of last years finals fits into the Bettman conspiracy angle?

Would you like to elaborate on that?

Or are you already too tightly wrapped up in tin foil to type?

Anonymous said...

this has to be the most cracked out blog i've ever read in my life. are you serious? this is shameful.

Anonymous said...

More proof?

"We Want The Cup" shirts on NHLshop.com


Who's missing?

Anonymous said...

You want conspiracy?

911 was an inside job.

shane said...

Ya know, I'd hate to say you are right, but this is 100 percent plausible. As a Flyers fan I hate the Pens (I don't care too much for the Sens though either considering we played you guys for about 5 years in a row back in he 2000's lol.) But this theory makes sense, as a corporation what do you want: BIG time ratings with franchise players or a small market team with some no names in the playoffs? Think about it like this guys: every frickin year who is in the playoffs in the MLB? Boston and New York right? And why is that? Because without a doubt they are the teams that have the most recognizable faces and because they have a huuuuuuge fanbase. People want to see stars. It's in our genetics, heroes thrill us. It's just the way it is.

However, I won't go as far as saying the series will be fixed. The thought of that (and yes ESPN would have to run a story on hockey if the game was noticeably fixed) would destroy the NHL and cause irreparable damage to a league that already is on life support.

Stars get calls though. Kobe, LeBron, Crosbitch, Ovechkin, Brady, Manning, Pujols, Jeter. They all get calls because personal bias allows the refs to think "Damn these guys are amazing at what they do, I can't call that penalty." It happens all the time. I hate to agree with conspiracy crap, but the logic here is not flawed in any way. The NHL HAS to have the Pens win this series if they have any hope of landing a big-time deal with the networks next year. Ratings otherwise would plummet and without Crosby or Ovie playing deep into the playoffs, the NHL is screwed.

Now with that said, prove me wrong Sens. It's the playoffs and anything can happen. But I highly doubt Crosby, Malkin, Fleury and company are gonna lose this series. With or without the help of the NHL

Anonymous said...

humorous at best

Anonymous said...

Just because Crosby is the face of the NHL doesn't mean theres a conspiracy for the Pens to win , if i recall 2 years ago the Sens knocked out Crosby and the Pens in the first round

pnovak said...

Don't forget, conspiracy theories are usually full or crap and thought up but nut jobs.


Kaiser said...

You sir, are either retarded or smoking crack. did you forget who the senators beat in 2007 on their way to getting stomped by the ducks? the ducks. and the senators. do you REALLY think that was a great money machine for the NHL?

The Mayor said...

in 2007 Crosby was still new to the league and the Sens were an Elite team, he wasnt a huge draw yet and the Sens were too good for it to work, plus now theres a need for a tv contract

Anonymous said...

its hilarious watching all these Crosby cockboys get so upset cuz someone said something about their beloved cock fag.

Pittsburgh is the city of bandwagoners. Before Crosby the attendance was crap

Anonymous said...


Even more amazing seeing how homophobic bigots like you prove that you're moronic beyond belief.

You should probably do the gene pool a favor and hero yourself ASAP

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this blog is an absolute idiot! If the Senators win its because they played their asses off and physically beat the Pens with their physically bruising players. Your offense is not that good...on paper. You do have some good players but lets be honest, your leading goal scorer had around 25 goals. I may be off cause I don't feel the need to look up stats, but that is not impressive or intimidating at all. If the league wanted the pens to win, we would have beat detroit the first time around. That obviously didn't happen. Detroit was a much better team. The next year the pens were the better team. I guess the person who started this blog did his job because so many people have responded.

As far as the series goes, the pens will most likely win in 5, maybe 6 games. Many people who obviously don't know anything about hockey like to comment on Crosby. All we do in Pittsburgh is laugh our asses off. Crosby goes to Philly and gets heckled every game, all game. What does he do in return? He works his ass off like he always does and dominates in every facet of the game. He will do the same vs ottawa. Crosby has no weaknesses. Every time someone said he was bad at something, he dedicated his time at improving in that area. Every time he became much stronger in that facet. Now he dominates at everything. For the people calling him a diver....get a life. The guy is impossible to knock off his skates. Remember that he is only 5'11" but he fends off defenders like he is 6'5". I do wish you guys good luck cause I am always up for entertaining games. The pens haven't been consistent this year so you never know what team will show up. Usually the better team wins. I just think it will be the pens. If you are lucky enough to stop crosby....which is a HUGE if....then good luck stopping Malkin and Staal and the rest of our clutch players. Either way, I can't wait for the freaking playoffs to start!

Anonymous said...

Well Mayor, this post has completely shattered all of your viewership records, good job. I don't think there is any scandal, despite how stupid the higher ups may be (i.e. wanting to stay in crap southern markets). Also, Colin Campbell getting his panties in a knot over pregame altercations yet not suspending Cooke. I am not sure Karlsson can fight so when Cooke tries to pick on the 19yr old Neil or Karkner better step in and knock him out of the series.

Anonymous said...

Not really related to this topic but do other teams have jumbo trons outside for the playoffs the one here in Pittsburgh is pretty awesome, i go down to watch it every game since all the bandwagon fans get the tickets inside
(cant complain about the bandwagon fans though cause of them I wont be watching the Kansas city Penguins)

The Mayor said...

comment 100 BAM!!!!!!!!! haha

One franchise had Jagr, Lemieux, Crosby and Malkin

Damn you guys are lucky your picks turned out so well

Lets try and keep it civil and actually discuss stuff people, easy on the name calling

Kaiser said...

yes, congratulations on playing your moron senators fans into yet another pre-series surrender. come on, be real fans for once and talk crap about WINNING instead of giving up before you play a game. what a pathetic fanbase.

Anonymous said...

"How about another conspiracy theory.

Pens are going bankrupt, cant get a new arena and are going to move and poof they land sidney crosby in the draft that was open to every NHL team.


yes. why is this hard to accept?

Anonymous said...

Yea this is a pretty lame accusation honestly. Im a Devils fan and I dislike Crosby and the Pens like everyone else, but are you really going to complain about favoritism before the playoffs even start? The Pens earned their wins in the playoffs last year, and they probably wont be going to the finals again; although they probably will beat the Sens.

This is clearly another whiny fan blog. Stop crying dude.

Anonymous said...

OP is a fucking idiot.

Pens in 5

Sid with 4 goals and 7 points

PTurner said...

This is one of the most shameful blog posts I've ever seen. Sadly, for me, this "conspiracy theory" makes me want to lump all Senators fans into the category of complete idiots. I know you are not all as moronic as the Mayor, and I hope the majority of you have a problem with this rant.

One of the things that bothers me the most about this post and subsequent comments are how many people think that Penguins fans are all "bandwagon-ers" from when Sid got drafted. I guess I just have this question to ask:

While growing up, if the city you were born in developed an increasingly competitive professional sports team that eventually won multiple league championships, don't you think a natural side effect of this team's success would be people from that city becoming their fans?

Fan bases have to start somewhere. For the Penguins, that didn't really start to happen on a grand scale until the early 1990s. Does it make Pens fans any less "real" fans because their city hasn't been a hockey hotbed for all of its existence? Absolutely not. It just took most Pittsburghers longer to come around because for most of them, Mario Lemieux taught them about the game.

Moreover, I think it's embarrassing that folks call Pittsburgh Penguins fans (and any other fans for that reason) bandwagon-ers because exciting players play on their team, and they are successful. As a local, life-long Penguins fan I find myself having to defend my love for my team to other fans just because Crosby (the most loved and/or hated player in the game) plays for my city's team.

And please Senators fans, don't make me waste any more of my time reading about how your poor, small market hockey team is disrespected because the big bad NHL hierarchy wants the all powerful Penguins to win the Cup.

As someone said earlier, and trust me it is true, the NHL has nothing to gain by Pittsburgh winning the Stanley Cup. They absolutely dominate the market in the 'Burgh. Furthermore, NHL refs "fixing" games by calling more penalties on the Senators would be quite counter-productive to the Penguins success, which you would know if you watched more than a handful of highlights of Pittsburgh this season. Pittsburgh's powerplay has been mediocre at best, so why would the NHL giving them more man-advantages help them move past the first round?

Honestly, I would love it if folks could actually talk a bit about the series here instead of continuing the rant (which I know I just did) of this post.

I'll start by saying this. I think this is going to be a closer, better series than most people think... I'm excited to see if Brian Elliott can carry his game as of late into the playoffs. I know he backstopped Wisconsin to an NCAA championship in 2006, but I don't know if that's enough big-game-ish experience to carry him through his first playoff series, especially against Crosby & Co.

(Really this time) lastly, I'm also looking forward to seeing if Malkin will elevate his game for the playoffs and watching Jordan Staal show up in some big ways.

Can't wait for tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

Well...that is the most interesting thing i read all night. If the playoff was already fixed and the cup went to the Penguins, it would mean that Betman has a lot of power. He would have to make sure all the owners of the other hockey clubs would have to be on board. After all they are all his bosses. Do you mean to tell me that the owner of the Detroit Red wings would not have a say in it? Or Washington, Vancouver and Chicago would not absolutely freak out? Come on...think about what you are saying. Betman may be high up but he doesn't have that much influence. Oh and by the way, you can say whatever you want but Sidney Crosby is an excellent hockey player and i am sure you would think the same if he played for Ottawa. ( a team i happen to like.) Even though i am from Vancouver.

Greg Fissette said...

Good job Mr. Mayor, I disagree with you completely, but you've managed to garner a lot of attention and discussion. Good job!

Anonymous said...

"the kid won us a gold metal too, so for one to not like the kid is anti-canadian, (just like not enjoying beer, and not liking Neil Young) "

I am Penguins fan and have been since about '88, and I am not a fan of Crosby and I sure as hell don't like Neil Young, or the Hip for that matter. Try removing me from my country for it.

Anonymous said...

what a joke this author is and this blog is. obviously you have never played competitive sports before, otherwise you would know the passion that these players go into every game with, regardless of the fact if they are being payed millions of dollars. growing up, any young hockey player always dreams of winning the cup, and in no way are the players on the ice going allow a game to be fixed. already making excuses before the series has even started, shows how confident you are of your team.


Anonymous said...

I would also like to point out that the entire Sid is a cry baby whiner thing got started when a Flyer knocked his teeth out not once.....but twice in the same game and not by accident. Clear intent, not near the puck, skating behind him. And no penalties or suspensions. Just any fyi.

He hardly makes a sound during games and works his tail off, gets a lot of dirty goals. Its just pure jealousy. I remember hearing the same thing about Jagr, a guy who never got knocked off the puck let alone would dive. But then he gets traded to Wash then NY and those fans start complaining about non calls constantly.

Idiots. All a bunch of fargin ice holes.

Anonymous said...

I have only two small points about this.

A: I don't know how many of you have ever been a ref in any sort of "sporting event". I used to ref indoor soccer for Div A and B teams (good teams, but not professional). They all had fans, and they were all insanely competitive. I'll tell you this about being a ref. 1. You're never right. Everyone sees things differently. All fans, and all players see them differently. Every call that a ref makes is looked at through a microscope by everyone else. TV, and replays and announcers complicate matters, as well as the possibility of a 7 game series and the coaches yelling in your ear everytime you blow the whistle.
2. You have 1/100th of a second to make a decision about what happened, from the spot on the ice or field that you were on. Ever notice that the NFL has like 12 refs and they still miss calls or get them wrong? Hockey is an incredibly fast paced game and it's impossible to get every single call correct.

For some reason fans look at these calls, made in 1/100th of a second, made with fans, coaches and players screaming at you, made while trying to keep in mind that someone at some point in time told you that "so & so" has been "in the crease" or "holding"... suddenly it's rigged or the ref is trying to make "whichever"team win??? I'm sorry, but when you're a ref in the "moment", the last thing you're going to think about is "gosh, who do I want to win this game"?.

B: The only "rigging" I've ever seen in the NHL is the lack of a suspension for Malkin after getting an instigator penalty in the last 2 minutes of a game. While I understand that Malkin isn't the "goon" type that the rule was made for, the simple fact is that he broke the rule and Buttman let it go. If it had been any player with any history of fighting, or bad penalties, the suspension would have held up.

I do think Buttman has his own interests. However, I don't see the Coyotes winning the cup this year. LOL

Keith said...

Are you really serious? Pens are going to beat the Sens because they play at a whole other level compaired. Just take a look at last time these two teams met in the playoffs, 2008 1st round. Pens win 4 straight outscoring the Sens 16-5! Is that because of "questionable refereeing"? I don't think so.. I think that's because Pens are a better team. How can you sit there saying: if a team who has been to the Stanley Cup Finals 2 years in a row and won last year makes it out of the first round, it's because of bad refereeing? Here's a news flash for you, you're team isn't that good. I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but somebody had to, you were starting to embarrass yourself. When this series is over and the Sens are playing golf and Pens continuing their run to the cup, you can say whatever you want and try to convince yourself that that's why you lost but if you watch the games not looking for things, you will see that the Pens are going to be outplaying the Sens in every aspect of the game.

Anonymous said...

A Pens/Caps Eastern Conference Final? Do your homework dude. If form holds, this matchup would occur in the second round, not the finals.

Anonymous said...

You must have GREAT recreational drugs in Canada. Get off the pipe!

Anonymous said...

Great article. And it ties in with another serious topic I'd like to discuss.

Gary Bettman is kidnapping Canadians and relocating them to the United States to raise NHL ratings.

The RCMP estimates that over 70,000 Canadian citizens have been relocated to the US this year alone.

They are placed into cities and towns along the US/Mexican border. And since it is illegal in the United States for Canadian nationals to buy or rent automobiles, the NHL is guaranteed a ratings boost as it takes months for Canadians to walk home. Some, like Michael J. Fox and Ryan Reynolds, are too weak to make the journey and instead opt to become mediocre actors in Los Angeles.

But their long journey isn't the only plight they face. Because they have no social security numbers and speak a different language, Canadians must take low-wage, non-skilled jobs such as landscaping and housekeeping. And in a surprising number of cases, they are forced to fight each other to the death for the amusement of American soccer moms and Parent Teacher Associations.

I urge my fellow Canadians to write their MP and demand that they politely ask the Americans to return our countrymen.

Kyle said...

See Detroit Red Wings vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Finals 2009...unfortunately it is proof of everything that you have laid out here. Good luck against the Penguins and the NHL.

eli said...

It's hilarious that all you Pens fans are posting here. Surely you have some of your own blogs in the Burgh to post on? Apparently not!

The NHL is a huge corporation motivated by profit. The whole idea of "growing the game" means increasing the market in the US. So what increases the chances of landing a big contact like ESPN or Fox? ; an Ottawa/Vancouver cup final or say a Washington/Detroit cup final?

For all you Pens fans, you haven't clearly read what the Mayor said, and I quote an excerpt; "Now I'm not saying the fix is deficiently in, but I wouldn't be surprised if a sketchy penalty or two per game, at just the right moment were called against us."

Why is that so hard to believe? Going back to my previous comments, if any of you Pens fans had watched the Ducks/Sens finals in 2007 even you would have been forced to admit the obvious referee bias in favour of the Ducks.

Why is that the case? Again, what benefit is it for growing the game in the US to have a Canadian team win the Cup?

Anonymous said...

Kyle said:
"""See Detroit Red Wings vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Finals 2009...unfortunately it is proof of everything that you have laid out here. Good luck against the Penguins and the NHL"""

Which part? Game 2 when Hossa hooked Dupuis, then broke his stick with no penalty called, HZ putting his hand over the puck in the crease twice?, or how about the Wings getting 4 power plays in the last two games down by a goal with less than 10 minutes to go?
Yes, those are obvious officiating errors in favor of the Pens.

Take off your bias glasses and watch the games. And dont even get me started on Detroits constant interference against the forecheck.

The Pens were better. Pure and simple.

This is an excuse building exercise for fans who expect to lose.

Anonymous said...

Well I wonder who authored this post.....Could it be "Cryin" Brian Murray? All you "so-called" fans will have to sit back and enjoy the real teams of the NHL play, do us all a favor and don't even bother showing up for this series Sens, Can't possibly take anymore crying from you!!

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous....If the NHL wanted Crosby v Ovechkin for the Eastern Conferance finals they easily could have had the Pens finish 2nd in the leage play PHILADELPHIA in the 1st round who is a far greater rival then Ottawa. Get huge ratings from that.

Ottawa just might not be as good as the Pens...And correct me if I am wrong, but didnt your lowly they lay a savage playoff beating on Crosby and the boys just 3 seasons ago??

Give me a break...This is a load of BS...If you lose it wont be because the NHL has it in for Ottawa and has a Route for the Pens to meet Washington, its just because your not as good of a hockey club right now....Because there are a lot more profitable avenues for the Pens to go to the Finals than through Ottawa...

Anonymous said...

who knew that pens fans were so touchy?

Sens in 6.

Anonymous said...

you're god damn right the fix is in. last year's cup was gift wrapped from the first round until the finals. look at the philadelphia series objectively and count the phantom penalties called against the Flyers and the non-calls let go for the Penguins. It's a joke.

Lord Linden VanFensterwaldington-Schmidt said...

So all of you Senators fans are just NOW figuring this out?

It didn't occur to you when Malkin WASN'T suspended in the finals? or

When Cindy scored a goal by sliding into the net with the puck on his hip?

Anonymous said...

This is absolute crap. I love how you spent all this time with these crazy theories yet ignore the fact the Penguins are clearly the better team on paper and on the ice. The goal tending is not as good (Elliot is going to be great but isn't there yet), The defense is merely solid compared to the Penguins high offensive rear end and the forwards are no where near the same as the Penguins. The Sens rely on their top line for offense, meanwhile the Penguins have the depth to get offense from their top 3. it's this depth that wins you cups. The Sens don't have that. Ask any analyst or commentator in the league and they will tell you the same. the series is going to be an easy sweep, much like the sens did 3 years ago while the Penguins were getting experience and finishing building. This is the equivalent of the Sens meeting the Leafs, except the Leafs would bring some heart into their play unlike the Sens (cough...Kovalev). So why don't you read up before shooting your mouth off.

Anonymous said...

hahaahhaahahhaha! All the phantonm calls against the Flyers! hahahahaahhahahahahahaha

Yeah, look at the stat sheets sooooooooo many more pens power plays. I am so sure those clean cut Flyers who are the slowest team in the league didnt do anything wrong.

What a bunch of BS.

Anonymous said...

I am an American and a loyal Sharks fan, but I agree with you here. I've long suspected the league of playing funny with officiating in order to maximize ratings and revenue. The thought of it sickens me.

Anonymous said...

For everyone mentioning that last years cup win was fixed from the start.. WTF are you talking about? the Pens had gone down 2-0 in 2 of the 4 series and then came back with full team efforts to win game 3 and use the momentum gained from the win to go on and win the series in 7. And game 1 (might have been game 2 but pretty sure it was game 1) against the Wings, Crosby tripped on the breakaway, clearly visible call to anyone watching except for the ref apparently.. but thats what happens in fast paced games like hockey, calls are missed and sometimes the refs will call a questionable call after they realized that they missed a clear call to try and make up for it. Unless the games are called like the Olympic gold medal games from 2002 (mainly woman's final) i don't want to hear any bitching about "questionable refereeing." Why is it that every time Sens meet the Pens in the playoffs, Sens and their fans complain about some kind of conspiracy theory? In 2008 you were all saying that the Pens purposely gave away the President's trophy and finished 2nd so they could play the Sens in the first round and now this time it's this? okay, everyone around the hockey world knows that the Pens are going to win this series but its not because of bad refereeing, it'll be because the Pens have way more depth in all positions.

Anonymous said...

Nothing makes me laugh harder than people calling conspiracy, particularly about last years finals but completely ignore all the facts to do so.

With that in mind I am STILL waiting for someone to answer my question above with respect to the the Red Wings getting 9 more PPS last spring as well as Zetterberg getting away with blatantly covering the puck with his hand in the crease in both games 1 & 2 last year.

I would absolutely LOVE, LOVE IT for some one to explain how that all fit into the "Bettman's conspiracy" thing.

Secondly, about the Malkin non-suspension last year. Another "fact" that idiots use to cite as part of the "conspiracy".

Like above, I am begging and I would absolutely love someone to explain to me how in Round 2 during the Canes-Bruins series, where Scott Walker had his supposedly mandatory suspension waived for sucker punching Aaron Ward at the end of Game 2 also fit into the conspiracy. The league afforded Scott Walker(yeah, that "superstar") the exact same benefit as they gave Malkin only 2 rounds earlier and in a series that had nothing to do with the Pens. So how exactly did that all fit under the Bettman's Conspiracy angle, too?

I will eagerly await someone to explain this. Needless to say, I will not be holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

Shark's fan: Obviously there just has to be some reason that Sharks gag come playoff time.....every....single.....season.

I mean other than the fact that they can't handle the pressure of playoff hockey and just choke every year, right? LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Eli: Obvious "bias" in the 2007 Finals? Seriously?

Do you mean like allowing Daniel Alfredsson to intentionally shoot the puck at Scott Neidermayer during the game and not punishing him for it at all?

Yes, clearly the league was in the bag for the Ducks that year.

Good fucking grief.

eli said...

Anon At 6:15. Way to pick on one isolated incident and ignore the rest of the biased referring in the series. Alfie apologized to Neidermayer after the game and Scott accepted it. Your comments are micro and do not take into account the big picture.

Anonymous said...

How's your "conspiracy theory" looking now? I'll tell you- pretty dumb. I could complain about the "charging" call on Kunitz last night, but its part of the game, I don't why anyone would ever blame refs. Anyway, good luck, but GO PENS!!!

Anonymous said...

Eli: Ahhh, yes. He "apologized" for it which thus invalidated the leagues desire for a "conspiracy" under those circumstances.

Right, that makes perfect sense.


The Mayor said...

those arent the same circumstances because Anaheim isnt a big franchise.

There wasnt a conspiracy theory there.

Honestly if u watched last nights game, the first 2 pittsburgh powerplays were on complete dives and phantom calls and one lead to the opening goal.

Luckily for us Fleury played like Fleury

Anonymous said...

Kunitz plays for pittsburgh dumb ass, not anaheim. Honestly if YOU watched the game last night, you should have known that. They called a charging call on kunitz last night (if you watched) when he barely touched him right after crosby was elbowed to the head and nothing was called. Don't even complain about refs. Luckily for us, elliot gave up 4 goals on 21 shots, shouldn't be too hard to beat tomorrow.

The Mayor said...


Go to around the 50:30 mark and listen, guess im not the only one who thinks what i wrote haha

Anonymous said...

hahahaha are you retarded??!?!?!

Anonymous said...

The reality is last night`s game couldn`t have more validated your original point about the decline of a once proud game called hockey.

Game four was without exception the worst officiated game I`ve ever seen in a quarter century of watching hockey. The refs were literally inventing calls against the Sens, too mant to count.

Like the call where Letang merely looks sternly at the ref and obligingly gets the late call for... nothing. The Pens aren`t just getting favorable calls anymore, now they can get them on demand!

Like one questionable and another non-existent too many men on the ice calls, unrequited of course when Team Shrek did the EXACT SAME THING minutes later.

Like an inexplicable four minute unsportsmanlike when down by three.

Like Neil getting called for just shoving a guy in front of the net immediately after he scored.

Like big third man in scrums after several whistles which resulted in only Sens penalties several times or, in those instances where Pigface or Shrek were undeniably at fault, mere incidentals where Ottawa clearly deserved the advantage.

All strategically timed to undermine any possible momentum arising from closing the gap repeatedly and making up for an admitted Elliot/Leclaire clown show.

Celebrate Pens fans, but know that this run like last year's has a big historical asterix. You're like Bonds or Sosa, an apparent great who just happened to be the beneficiary of cheating.

Someone talked about the gift-wrapped cup run last year, and it's true. First it was only Sens fans, bitter about the previous year's thrashing of our AHL lineup plus injured Alfie that saw us beaten in four.

They raised valid, pressing questions about how the league treats Pamps Crosby and Shrek and what impact such systemic preferential treatment has on the credibility and competitiveness of the game.

Then it was Flyers fans, because they saw it too against their cross-state club. You know, the part of Pennsylvania that's not a dirty, post-industrial hell hole?

Then it was our counterparts in the American capital region.

Then on the Eastern seabord. And in New York.

Then, of course, in Detroit, which was unfairly deprived by executive fiat of their second consecutive cup, one they so richly deserved.

It seems everyone believes its insane to suggest even minor bias... except for... um... every team and community that's actually had to play the Pens in the playoffs. Among those that have, the feeling is nearly universal. Why is that, exactly?

Are people in all these cities just crazy?

I think not. And God knows they're better educated and more literate than any troglodyte from useless Shitsburgh!

It's because they're right. They support their team all year and love the game that Gary Bettman and Sid Crosby are turning into a sick and predictable marketing gimmick. These fans - and most of all the players - deserve the opportunity to compete in an atmosphere of sportsmanship and administrative fairness in the big show they've worked all year to reach.

Are we talking about some grand, Machiavellian conspiracy hatched in a Manhattan office tower? No.

Is this majority of true hockey fans saying that every game is rigged down to the score, number of penalties and shifts? Of course not.

What we are saying, though, is that the NHL, like the NBA and MLB before them, has developed a cancerous wink-wink, nudge-nudge type of corruption which sees certain Herculean figures elevated to the status of untouchables and series' decided accordingly.

Thus we get the pantomime game of another Pens run, probably to a second easy, gift-wrapped cup.

In hockey they used to say 'the stanley cup weighs thirty pounds but it takes 22 men to lift it.' In today's pathetic NHL we say 'the cup is a lot lighter when 1000 men in suits help you out.' This, tragically, is and always will be the legacy of Sid Crosby and the Penguins in the new NHL.

Anonymous said...

You must have the bong goggles on to really think that a fix is in.

The Talbot short-hander was definitely engineered. I can see the invisible flying Betmans guiding all those Pens shots into the net, and smacking the Sen's shots aside.

Those 5 on 3 chances that were given to your team -- what a heartless fraud.

The only explanation that I can see is that guys must have some good dope up there.

Anonymous said...

Gave 5 officiating proves your point again! Ottawa got a goal waived off, got robbed of a 2 minute PP after a Penn guy drew blood, were the victims of yet another Penn dive.

No doubt there is bias.

Bettman wants Syd the Kid to win the cup.