Monday, June 28, 2010

You Want The Truth? You Can't Handle The Truth

The Ottawa Sun is sort of like that one friend we all have. They're entertaining, there to pass the time, but no one really takes them seriously. You don't mind reading the occasional article to see the latest rumors and speculate about the latest of your beloved team, but sometimes enough is enough. Today is that day.

Remember the motto of the customer is always right? Apparently they've never heard about it. In fact, they decided to 180 on everyone and insult the customer, coming straight from the sports editor no less. A lot of people had been upset of the way they've covered things for years and it's finally coming to a head, with many devout Sens fans leaving passionate comments about the way they feel The Sun is ruining the Sens, and making this city's fans look bad.

Well what was their reaction? To change their style perhaps or at least answer their critics in a mature, responsible way? Of course not, this is The Sun we're talking about, home of the classy sunshine girls and the even classier writers, such as Bruce "Malkin to the Kings" Garrioch, Don " I have a personal vendetta against Heatley" Brennan and now Tim "I'm a 40+ adult who loves wrestling and insulting my readers" Baines. It's no wonder I have to hear about how bad our writers are all the time from other NHL teams fans.

If you haven't seen it yet, read this now, I'll wait..............................unbelievable right? This is supposed to be a professional newspaper, not an HF message board. Yes I know Timothy, it's everyone's fault but the people writing the nonsense right? Hundreds of Sens fans are all wrong, they're the problem, not you right? And while we're at it, who ever said we need to trade Daniel Alfredsson? I've never heard that before and to annonymously throw that out there is bush and to be honest, sounds more like something that would come from your sensationalizing publication to sell more papers.

And why hating on the bloggers? Is it because they get as many readers as you do now? And let's be honest, guys like Silver Seven, the 6th Sens, Sens Chrip and myself do a better job then you do covering the Sens and giving the fans what they want. It's called natural selection. Maybe if you did it a better job we wouldn't have to exist or do your job for you.

Oh and by the way, we all live in our parents spare bedroom, not the basement. Perhaps your sources we're wrong yet again. We and the rest of the fans must have really gotten to you for you to stoop so low. Then again, between wrestling columns and the way you already cover sports, you didn't have far to fall to this level.



Anonymous said...

It's nothing new to anybody who has had to displeasure of interacting with any of these idiots.

I was working with a local independent wrestling promotion a few years ago, which got a weekly/monthly mention at the end of Tim Baines' article about our next event. Tim showed up at our shows expecting to get in free (a press pass at a $10 wrestling show... seriously). He once brought his kid, and during the show got angry with a fan for swearing. Instead of asking the fan to watch his language, he asked the promoter to throw the fan out. Over swearing. At a wrestling show. Realizing the stupidity of the situation, the promoter explained that he wasn't going to throw a paying fan out for swearing. Tim told the promoter that he wasn't going to print any news about the promotion ever again and left. True to his word, he never mentioned us in his column again.

Classy. Also, a great example of the level of professionalism we're dealing with here. These guys use the platform (that they've somehow managed to attain - and keep!) for personal gain.

The Mayor said...

Well done, sounds like Timmy is quite the character.

I never in years have heard anyone say the sun has god writing or insight ever, not once

The Tif said...

I don't know about the other readers, but I have Sens Chirp, Sens Town, Battle of Ontario, Scarlett Ice, Silver Seven Sens and Black Aces (among other high quality Sens blogs) all bookmarked and check them daily for Sens updates. I don't bother with MSM unless one of the blogs recommends I check out a particular story.

BR said...

Like Tif, I too rely on the same blogs as he has mentioned to get my news. I no longer read the Sun because I find thir articles slanted, spun and they seem to be fillers for the paper. And, while I'm at it, I've had enough of the Spezza thing - he remains a presence on the ice and I look forward to his magic.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel there was anything wrong with his blog.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a paper that
costs 25 cents.

THey only way these guys publish is by filling every page with ads.

Really it is a glorified Pennysaver.