Thursday, August 26, 2010

Unlucky #13?

The word on the street is that Peter Jensen, I mean Regin, will be changing jersey numbers from #43 to #13. Although it is not official yet, Sens Chirp is clamining it to be done and he's usually right, so I'd say it's a done deal. So all of you wanting to get Regin jerseys can now go for #13 and not #43.

Maybe once it's made official, Regin himself will comment as to why he chose to switch digits and what the significance of 13 is, since he wore 93 playing for Denmark.

Thoughts on the switch?

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James said...

13 is super badass as far as a number can be badass. I think it looks cool if youre super good like Pavel Datsyuk. Gives you a bit of a swagger all "yeah, check it out i purposely cursed myself and im still amazing." Wasnt Kenny Linsman 13 too? Thats a pretty classic 13. Anyway, Im hoping for big things from this kid this year!
Good lord i miss hockey.