Wednesday, October 27, 2010

11 + 27 + 55 = 1st time?

It was 4-2 in the 3rd period of last night's game and we were on a 5 on 3 man advantage. I wasn't thinking much except let's put one in and seal the much needed victory. The puck went back to the point to Gonchar, then down to Kovalev, who proceeded to make an amazing cross crease pass to Alfie for the tap in goal that was caught by the camera in the picture above.

At the time I was thinking, wow what a pass, only the enigma himself could have made that one. It didn't occur to me at the time that I may have witnessed some obscure NHL history (fast forward to around 2:20). When I woke up today, I had an email waiting for me from a reader, who brought to my attention that Alfie, Kovalev and Gonchar (as of last night) have all played 1000+ games in the NHL. They of course were the goal scorer and the 2 guys who got the assists.

It got me wondering, has that ever happened before? As I am writing this, there has currently only been 251 players that have hit the 1000 games pleateau in their careers, which is not many considering the thousands and thousands of guys who have laced them up over the years. So what are the odds that 3 of them would be on the same team, let alone all get points on one play.

It seems very unlikely to me that this has ever happened before, so if anyone can think of another trio who did this let me know. If last night was the first time as I believe it was, then it was a small slice of NHL history I was lucky enough to witness in person at Scotiabank Place.

Either way, it was a pretty cool accomplishment for 3 veteran guys.



Anonymous said...

It must have happened at some point in Detroit when they had Yzerman, Shannahan, Hull and Lidstrom etc. all playing for them.

MikeD said...

Now if only that tandem STAYS TOGETHER on the PP,

How the hell is Sarge supposed to help Kovy if they don't even play together, How do you justify putting Kovalev (who has 126 carteer PP goals on the 2nd unit?) Let's hope CC leaves things as is and leaves Michalek on PP unit 2. Had Kovalev been a main stay on PP unit 1 since opening night... LAST YEAR, we wouldn't be complaining about his lack of production.

Theres no denying that when Kovy is on the top unit our PP is among the most dangerous in the NHL, you can see the chemistry him and Gonchar ALREADY HAVE!

Watching the PP with Kovalev on the top unit puts the fear of god into me if I'm cheering for the opposition.

The Mayor said...

Some nice points Mike D, i agree there have been a few questionable roster moves so far this season