Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big Day For J.R.

For anyone that regularly reads this site, this will come as no surprise, but today is a very big day for my all time favorite hockey player Jeremy Roenick. Yes I have numerous times gushed about my man crush for JR and how absolutely kind he is to his fans, so it's my pleasure to give back.

Later today in Buffalo, Jeremy will be inducted into the US Hockey Hall Of Fame, which is a big deal and a tremendous honor. It will be his first HOF but not his last, as he will surely be in the HHOF in Toronto in a few years. When that happens, you can bet I will be there in person to watch my favorite player ever enter the hall.

Jeremy is more than just an awesome player however, he is of course a character. In a sport full of boring, robotic answers, JR was always entertaining and wears his heart on his sleeve. He always stood out, never fit in and was always amazing to me every time I met him.

On his last trip to Ottawa in February of 2009 as a member of San Jose, I met up with him again and he signed my custom made NHL 94 Jeremy Roenick t-shirt. As a thank you, I made one for him as well and he loved it. He said you have no idea how many people come up and tell me about me in NHL 94. For anyone who played that game, you know he killed it for real. If it was anyone else, I might have thought they were simply humoring me, but with JR you know he meant it. That's just the kind of guy he is and he has a fan for life in me.

Congratulations on the accomplishment Jeremy and much success in the future.

Thoughts on JR's big day entering the US HoF?


JamesCCFR said...

Its not so much me as it is Roenick...he's good...Roenick DISHES TO CHELIOS! OHH SCORES CHICAGO!

-Swingers, classic.

J.R. man... one of the all time greats on and off the ice. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Woah, I made that t-shirt sprite.. Nice to find this lol.