Sunday, October 17, 2010

Check The Weather

You might want to go to the weather network, because apparently hell will be freezing over soon. Your eyes do not deceive you, yes that is the Toronto Maple Leafs in first place overall in the NHL. Now let's keep in mind this is only 4 games in, which leaves them 78 games still to blow it, but it just doesn't look right does it? Especially when you look all the way near the end and see the Sens in 27th place in the league, though we're really tied for LAST OVERALL but ahead of Buffalo and Jersey because we've played one less game so far

So what's wrong with the Sens? Can the Leafs keep it up?



Anonymous said...

The Sens need to fix their powerplay (maybe a new PP coach), they need one more solid (i.e. not Kuba defencemen), and they could use another forward that can skate.

As for last game, it seemed as though they were unwilling to dump the puck in and cycle it, which led to turnover after turnover. They are pretty sloppy on the breakout too.

Anonymous said...

I think the D are just too weak right now. Phillips has been making lots of mistakes. Karlsson is a turnover machine. Carkner is playing top four minutes and he's a number 6 guy, at best. Brian Lee isn't cut for the NHL, only played a handful of games last year, and he's got a regular job because of a stupid one-way contract he didn't earn. Kuba will hopefully alleviate some of the problems, but the D need to step up, no question about it.