Monday, October 11, 2010

GDP #3: Battle Of The Capital Cities

The Sens are back at it today on Thanksgiving, hoping to get their season back on track and fast. After 2 very subpar performances, there is plenty of criticism to go around, with everyone but Leclaire being on the recieving end of it. Here's a thought, how many of you thought if we were 0-2 to start, that it would be everyone's fault BUT our goaltending? Ya me either. It hasn't looked pretty so far this year, and with facing the league's best offense tonight, it could get ugly. Most of the people who have mailed me are just hoping we don't let it 10 tonight. Ah overreaction at it's finest, yet with the real possibility of it happening if we don't sharpen up our game and fast.

No word on who will get the start as of yet, but I can't see Lecalire not starting after his play through 2. I say let him play ubntil he proves he shouldn't be, we need him to get in a groove and get some confidence back.

The lines for tonight as per Allan Panzeri will be:
  • Michalek-Spezza-Alfredsson
  • Smith-Fisher-Foligno
  • Ruutu-Kelly-Neil
  • Shannon-Regin-Kovalev

There has also been rumors floating around about some defensive pairings being siwtched, but no confirmation as of yet. Interesting to see Kovalev will begin on the 4th line tonight, after literally being invisible through 2 games. Zack Smith will take his place on the 2nd line, while Regin also really continues to struggle and will stay put on the 4th as well.

As always when playing the Caps, you can't hope to stop them, but simply contain them. With firepower from guys like Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom, Green and many others, the Caps can score with the best of them and in a hurry.

Prediction: A 0-3 start would be semi disasterous and would leave us in a small hole to begin the season already, but I have little evidence to suggest we will turn it around against one of the league's best teams in Washington. Honestly, I'm not even hoping for the 2 points, but just a better effort,w hich is sad for a pro hockey team, but this si where we're at right now. Sens dopn't give us anything to be thankful for tonight and lose 7-3.


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