Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Night Masacre

If you didn't catch this game consider yourself lucky, as it was a disaster from start to finish. We fell behind early after TWO stupid penalties and never got back in the game, falling 5-2 to the Pens. This brings the Sens record to a 1-4-1 record through 6 games, not good.

Other thoughts from the game:
  • Alfie scored his 1st of the year, only 3 points away from 1000
  • Elliott didn't play awful, but he didn't play well. In other words he played like Elliott
  • We played a bit better in the 3rd
  • Clouston benched Lee for a large period of the game. Wow way to bench a key contributing player
  • Gonchar's return to Pittsburgh was less than stellar
  • Karlsson continues to look lost
  • We took ANOTHER too many men penalty. That's THREE in 6 games, and that's after like 20 last year. This is unacceptable and someone needs to be held accountable for it.
  • Lehner didn't let any in, therefore maintining his top spot on the NHL leader board I mentioned a few posts ago.

Honestly, the whole team looked lost. I can't even really blame any one player, as the entire squad played with no heart or urgency. I can only imagine how mad triple C must be. This is a poor, poor start to the year and I don't have much positive to say at the moment. I will leave the comments to you guys.

Though no one really deserved it, with his one goal and 997th career point, Daniel Alfredsson wins the night.

Thoughts on the game tonight and the start to the season?


Anonymous said...

Nice job predicting the score. There is really too much wrong with this team to really begin considering it. I would like to see a couple good bag skates though.

Anonymous said...

Then Sens have 0 chemistry right now

Phaseten said...

I've always been the first to jump up and defend the team everytime I have heard the expression "blow them up" since the 06-07 cup run but I have to admit this is the first time I feel they may be right and I may be wrong. Alfie, Kovie, Gonchar, Philips are just not where it's at anymore. It's the young teams like Edmonton and Chicago who are doing well and if we shit the bed for 5 years straight we can have a team again too!

french said...

in my opinion it was the goal that resulted from the too many men on the ice penalty that caused out team to loose effort and feel we had already lost the game, the coaches need to be held accountable. Clouston cant continue to juggle lines if it gives us penalties. a 5 million $ player is on our 4th line and that player is still doing terrible against other 4th lines, nuf said.

James said...

Hi, really like the blog!

Just a comment to Phaseten, all due respect, do you really think our market can handle years of rebuild? Its tough enough sitting between one of the most storied sports franchises in Montreal and this other team people seem to like for some reason in Toronto. Look how many empty seats there were for the Carolina game. That was a bronze level, second home game of the year. I dont want to end up being the Las Vegas Ice Casinos in exchange for tanking for 5 years. I want a super star to emerge and make things right again as much the next fan but I think we have to find another way to stay competitive, Detroit style. Keep the faith all! We're only 1-4-1. Go Sens!