Saturday, October 09, 2010

Murder On Ice

Game? What game? As far as I'm concerned tonight did not happen. I'm serious.

What a pathetic display of, well everything. Did we even show up tonight or did we send out AHL team to Toronto? Through 2 games things are not looking remotely good. Two games and two no shows. It's one thing to lose, but it's another thing to not compete.

As far as that 5th goal is concerned, how they can count it is beyond me. Not one replay even showed the puck, let alone the puck in the net. I dare anyone to find me an angle that shows CONCLUSIVELY the puck in the net? It can't be done.

Everyone played horribly, EVERYONE, except Leclaire. No offense, no urgency and no heart. Two games is just a sample size of the season, but as it stands right now, we're a pathetic bunch. I would not want to hear what Clouston says to the team. Whatever it is they deserved it.



Anonymous said...

Need some serious help on defense, Washington is going to kill us Monday if we're using Carkner on 5 on 3s

Chad in Dallas said...

No Heart at all. Sad to watch. I still dont think Leclair is the best choice, but it doesnt matter who you roll out with defense like tonight.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Phillips is again flying under the responsbility radar. Criticism of his play has been overshadowed in the past I.E. partnered with Chara and Volchenkov. I think we need to have a conversation about him and not bury our heads in the sand.

french said...

only 2 games in cant give up yet Im pissed off with their performance this night, the offence needs to attack with more speed and the defense has to meet the opponent in the neutral zone. the biggest dissapointment on the night was the team ruined leclaire's great performance. It is nice to see that 3.8 million on the ice instead of warming the bench.

Canuck Abroad said...

the 5th goal was in. You could clearly see from the net cam the black puck inside the white mesh.

Anonymous said...

I hate Bryan Murray and have been saying he sucks since he took over...He just keeps proving me right, year after year.

Melnyk needs to get his head out of his ass and fire him.

Sensational Sens Fan said...

That fifth goal hardly made a difference as it was already 4-0 at the time, so it really isn't worth debating about, but as far as it was concerned, the puck was CLEARLY IN THE GLOVE, and the glove was CLEARLY ACROSS THE GOAL LINE. That was how it was determined to be a goal.

Anonymous said...

I was at the game 6 rows up - we were paethetic and it was an embarasment to wear my Sens shirt. Alfie showed up strongly in the second period and tried to ignite the squad, but to no avail.

Fisher looks like he drank too many beers this year, the defence is weak and shit - the whole game Karlson made numerous errors and gafs, he was a major contributing factor in the first three goals against. By that time the game was over.

We need a solution on defence and we need it NOW!