Thursday, October 28, 2010

PGW: Back To Back Baby

The Sens get their first back to back victories, beating the Florida Panthers 5-3 tonight, in a game that wasn't nearly as close as the final score might indicate. The team as a whole played pretty well again, scoring 5 unanswered after bing down 1-0 early.

It was really nice to see a consistent effort again. The Ruutu-Kelly-Neil line was a force all night again, as they have been all year, easily our best line in my opinion so far. Brian Elliott should have had the first goal of the night, but the other 2 weren't his fault. Other than the mistake on the first goal, Elliott played well and made the saves when he had to. Solid game for Brian for once.

Other thoughts from the game:
  • I do not know what is wrong with Chris Phillips, but he needs to turn it around and fast. He has been awful this year and had multiple giveaways tonight, including one to Chris Higgins, which lead to the Panthers 2nd goal.
  • Kovalev scored a easy tap in again, making his last 2 goals a combined 6 inches from the net.
  • Foligno was fiesty all night.
  • Regin is looking a bit better.
  • Kelly had a nice little game, especially on the pass for the shorty to Michalek, what a finish by MM9 by the way.
  • I enjoyed the Michalek-Fisher-Alfie line tonight, perhaps they should leave it like that when Spezza returns and make it Regin-Spezza-Kovalev. Then we might have 2 decent lines.
  • Nice heavyweight tilt with Carkner tonight, he gets the decision.
  • Almost 17,000 out to see the game tonight, solid for FLA.
  • I'm so tired of the music at SBP. Is there a rule that they can't play music from any earlier than 15 years or soemthing? It's so outdated.
  • Great to see Zack Smith rewarded with a goal, even if it was a lucky one.

So with the win tonight, my predicting record is an even 5-5 through 10. Good to see the boys get it together for back to back wins, and even more importantly, starting to show a better effort. Day off tomorrow and then Boston Saturday in a divisional tilt. On to the next one.....

With 1 goal and 1 assist, as well as a +3 on the evening, Milan Michalek wins the night.



Anonymous said...

Great win.

I don't think the music is outdated, I just think it's terrible. You could play new music and have it be just as bad.

Most other teams have a few sort of theme songs, rink favourites that only get played there. Ottawa doesn't have any of those. We need to develop a quirky song that fits.

Everybody Dance Now should be put to rest. Ditto for Put Your Hands Up in the %(&*)^$ Air.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Cotton Eye Joe!

Anonymous said...

I agree on Phillips, he has been terrible. I meant to comment about him the last game. Check out the player stats. Right now in points he's actually tied with Carkner with 1 point. Gonchar has 6, Karlsson with 4, Campoli with 2 and part timers Hale and Lee have none. This is completely unacceptable. This is the last year on his contract. I think we still have to work on not letting them come back on us. I make this point because we were up 5-1 and let them score 2 more. The early close games that we lost we were ahead and gave up goals and came out on the short end of the stick (no pun intended). This has to stop. Even though we were down that 1st period we looked really good. You mentioned the music but what about the score board. What I thought was funny the other night when they showed Gonchar's ceremony they just kept showing his face and didn't even show the footage.
I agree with you about the Michalek-Fisher-Alfie line. In particularly Alfie does very well with Fisher. They're scoring on the power play now. Again, this was without Spezza. Interesting that the Florida announcers mentioned his name as a trade with all the scout presence going on the last couple of days.

The Mayor said...

Spezza is going nowhere.

I hate the music so much. Youre right though, even if they played current music it woul dbe horrible.

The Senators need to step it up big time with their in game entertainment