Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PGW: Kovie Time

Ok I admit it, when I'm wrong, I say so. So earlier today when I predicted the Coyotes would beat the Sens 5-2, it was a typo. I really meant the Sens would win 5-2, um are you buying that? You're not eh. Ok forget it, let's move on, this was one time I'm glad to be wrong, err I mean right.

The Sens got off to a strong start, scoring 2 goals only 9 seconds apart, to jump out to an early lead. A third goal that banked off a skate by Kelly made it 3-0 and we looked to be on cruise control after a 20 shot 1st period. In the 2nd, we took a few bad penalties and somewhat let them back in the game, but in the 3rd, we put it away on a 2 man advantage, with Alfie tapping in an amazing pass for Alexei Kovalev, who actually decided to show up tonight.

In somewhat surprising news, Brian Elliott was pretty solid tonight, making 28 saves. Perhaps you could fault him on the 2nd goal, but only slightly, and the first one was just a seeing eye shot that he didn't even see, so I can't blame him for that.

As a whole, everyone played pretty well, so I don't have much to complain about tonight. Shoutout to Gonchar for playing in 1000, shoutout to Karlsson for scoring, shoutout to the Foligno-Regin-Kovie line, who were excellent all night.

Other things I noticed:
  • Almost 17,000 at SBP tonight, not bad for Phoenix with our horrible play as of late.
  • The crowd was pretty lively tonight.
  • That Winchester goalie interference call was a joke.
  • Winchester got a mean slash to the wrist, don't know if he's ok or not.
  • Gonchar made a few subtle defensive plays that I was impressed by.
  • Glad to see Zack Smith back in, even tho he doesn't dominate, he brings a different element we don't have.

So a win is a win, and at this point I will literally take any we can get. Let's hope we get this kind of play and effort on Thursday against Florida too.

With 2 goals and one beautiful assist, Alexei Kovalev wins the night.

Thoughts on the game?


Anonymous said...

This was, in my opinion, Kovie's best all around game with the Sens. However, I still am not overly impressed with the Sens' game. With the start they have got off to they are in no position to be letting up. I want to see more overall intensity, more winning puck battles, and I want to see the forwards go after the puck carrier with the intention of getting the puck, not just stick waving.

Anonymous said...

Only another 25 games until Kovie scores again.

He did the same thing last year: SFA for a few games, scored 2 in one game (or was it a hat trick?), and then disappeared again for 25 games before scoring 2 in one game again.

Bring it again to the next game Kovie - betcha can't do it..!

The Mayor said...

Kovie scored in the next game, but i know what you mean.

He can sure be frustrating.

If he ever gets it together, we could be dangerous