Friday, October 22, 2010

PGW: Sens Get First Road Of The Season x Alfie Wins The Night

So there we go, the sky is not falling, at least not for one night anyways. The Sens needed a win tonight and they got it, after a much better effort, though the score doesn't indicate how dominant the Sens were most of the game. Almost the whole team played hard tonight, especially impressive after Jason Spezza was a late scratch and did not suit up.

The night of course belonged to Alfie, who scored a hat trick and scored his 1000th career point, making him the 75th played in the NHL history to do so. It seems fitting that it happened against Buffalo didn't it? What a legend.

Other thoughts from the game:
  • Ruutu got a dive for being drilled from behind. What a joke.
  • Lee played less than 2 minutes at forward tonight, ouch.
  • Kovalev had his best game of the season so far.
  • Elliott was awful on the 2 goals, but had a solid 3rd period.
  • Karlsson continues to struggle.
  • Winchester was drilled by Kaleta, who else.
  • The powerplay looked a lot better tonight.

Obviously the big news tonight is Alfie and his 1000th point and righfully so. The team as a whole played so much better tonight. If we can win tomorrow against Montreal, we'd be right back into the thick of things. Enjoy the win tonight, back to work tomorrow. Everyone have a drink for Alfie tonight.

With a hat trick and his 1000th point, Daniel Alfredsson Wins The Night.



Anonymous said...

What game did you watch? Karlsson did not continue to struggle, he has 2 assists (one of which was because of a perfect point shot, the other because of a well timed pinch). Why the hate for Karlsson when he made almost zero errors the entire game, showed tremendous poise, and moved the point well. This was his best game of the year.
I completely disagree with that comment.


Anonymous said...

i'll take any defenseman who hits 2 points on a night where he struggles.

tim said...

No kidding. I completley agree with Chris. Karlsson looked composed, made things happen on the ice and played quite well defensively. He even had a few nice hits.

Not sure where this is stemming from but this analysis of Karlsson is far from what I, and most others saw.

Maybe you should explain your reasoning to back this claim up.

french said...

there is only two moments last game where i got up off my seat and started yelling and the tv. One was the second goal scored by elliot and the other was on the PP, kovalev was playing the point and about 4 players were fighting for the puck it the corner, than all of a sudden it come to kovalev and hes about 4 meters from the net... he passes it, someone should tell him that he is a shooter and a terrible passer.

Anonymous said...

He (Kovalev) actually did that twice french. The Buffalo announcers even mentioned it. The difference tonight I think, we stayed out of penalty trouble. Loved Hale. Sorry but I like Fisher with Alfie and Fish was on the power play unit with Alfie, we tend to score which we did. Nice break with Alfie and Fish. With tonight's game I would definitely say that the difference was we didn't take the stupid penalties. You can stay with your game plan and not always have to shuffle the lines with all the kills. There were still the few usual suspects though (Kovalev) on the one that he took, stupid.

Anonymous said...

how should they have won by 5 or 6 when they were outshot by 15 in the third?

tim said...

Love the fact this guy takes the time to reply to readers comments.