Friday, October 29, 2010

Say What?

I was minding my own business on Tuesday's game vs Phoenix at the 2nd intermission, when I saw this. At first I thought, no it can't be, I must be seeing things. No way would a 50+ year old man be rockin a pink womens jersey, but after a few seconds I realized it was indeed true. I was speechless. This was sadly the best picture I could get, but you get the idea.



Anonymous said...

Its called Breast Cancer Awareness month and people are wearing pink. Although it generally is odd for the guy to wear it, it might be that he has a relative who is a survivor or died of breast cancer. How about giving the guy a break? Some us are truly affected by this horrible disease.

Anonymous said...

Good on him for wearing it...and pretty stupid of you to comment about it! Worried about your masculinity???

Anonymous said...


The Mayor said...

Oh relax everyone.

Im not hatin on cancer or anything like that, its just funny to see a man in a womens pink jersey period.

Nothing more, nothing less. Wasnt some deep meaning thing geeez, have a sense of humor.

I think everyone has some family member affected by cancer, myself included, so please do not assume im making fun of cancer at all.

You're very very wrong

Anonymous said...

Guys, lay off the Mayor on this one...

it does look a little funny for a guy to be wearing a pink Jersey.,...That has nothing to do with us supporting or dismissing cancer.

let's keep things in perspective here...

Anonymous said...

"won't someone think of the children!?!!?!"


the guy is clearly a flamer and deserves to be mocked for wearing womens apparel

all the nancys ragging on the mayor should pull the 'righteous rod' out of their ass.

i shouldn't be surprised to see this sort of exaggerated political correctness fromt he residents ottawa


Anonymous said...

Do some research. Pink is a boy colour and blue is a girl colour. The colour switch didn't completely happen until the 1950's.

Therefore the the real answer is obvious. The man is a time traveler from the past so he didn't know about the change. Likely he's from pre-1920's.

This is unlike that lady in the 1928 Chaplin film talking on a cell phone who was a traveler from the future.

tim said...

@ anon 9:11,
That's offensive. "obviously a flamer" ... "deserve to be mocked"?? What is this Nazi Germany? Pink is just a colour. And who cares if a guy as a "flamer" anyway? That's all homophobic bullshit.

Anonymous said...

guys from Cancer to faggots.....can we all stick to Sens hockey please???

Mayor, please post something new so all the political bs stops!