Monday, October 18, 2010

Sometimes Numbers DO Lie

Everyone loves to point to statistics to help prove who's the best in the NHL, but sometimes the numbers don't say it all. If you happen to have glanced at stats leaders, you'd see a weird name at the top.

Yes that is Sens rookie goaltender Robin Lehner at the top of the list for both save percentage and goals against average. As you can see, he is perfect in both categories, which is funny because of course, has only played a total of 4 minutes in relief of Brian Elliott last night, as he had a problem with his skate after the intermission. Even funnier is Lehner let in SEVEN goals in his pro debut in the AHL the night before, yet statistically, is the league's best goalie at the moment.

It's pretty funny if you ask me. All I can say is enjoy it kid, might not ever happen again.



Anonymous said...

It wasn't his AHL debut, he finished last year in Bingo

Anonymous said...

Depressing also is Hossa's pic right next to him, leading the league in points. Kinda wish that Heatley trade never happened now (of course, at the time I was very excited about it).