Tuesday, October 05, 2010

That Was Fast: Hale Waived

While it appeared that David Hale had made the final roster the other day, it isn't quite so, as he has been put on waivers. Now this story for the Ottawa Citizen seems hilarious. We will see soon if he is claimed by another team, or if he will remain Senator property down in Binghamton. The rationale behind the decision allegedly, is that Brian Lee will get the cahnce to start with the big team finally, and if Hale is to be taken off waivers, they'd rather it happen now so they can move forward, since he was very likely to be sent down once Kuba returned.

Thoughts on the move?

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Anonymous said...

Feel bad for Hale. Then again he wasn't really expected to open with the big team when he was signed.

On the positive side, http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/2010/10/05/brophy_rankings_week1/ has ranked the Sens as the 2nd highest Canadian team, top of the Northeast, in a playoff spot and #11 overall.

11 has been a good number for us.

Probably the most favourable ranking from outsiders so far this season.