Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What To Do, What To Do?

With the Sens in dead last place in the NHL, and with no game until Friday night in Buffalo, there will be a lot of time to discuss what has lead to our shortcomings so far. Is it goaltending? Coaching? Offense? Defense? Special teams? Lack of discipline? Lack of Chemistry? The answer is yes, the reality it is all of those things. We haven't been good in any aspect really.

So the question is what should we do to rectify things before they get out of hand? Here are some possible solutions/things to try, and why not, what we're doing right now isn't working, so what do we have to lose right?

Here are some ideas to right the ship so to speak:
  • Give Lehner a start. So far he's perfect, and while goaltending hasn't been the major problem, it hasn't been our strongest spot either.
  • Put Zack Smith back in. I'm a fan of him and he will always at least play hard and does have the tools to be a solid player.
  • Sit someone meaningful, not Brian Lee like he did last night. Kovalev has 2 points and is a -18 in his last 20 games. I think that deserves a spot on the bench for a few days doesn't it?
  • Move Gonchar back to the right side where he belongs. You don't bring in a future HoFer who excels at something and then make him do something else, it just doesn't make sense.
  • Be more disciplined, we're beating ourselves. Be more strict about stupid penalties. If you take one, pay the consequences of your actions.
  • I'm tired of Fisher never recieving any criticism. He makes 4.2 million, so earn it blue eyes. He is not above some conflict from our fan base and I'm tired of everyone giving him a complete pass.
  • Let whoever is playing well play. The Ruutu-Kelly-Neil line has been our best this year, so screw it, give them more ice time until the others prove they deserve more. Playing people based on reputation leads you to the basement, where we are now.
  • If this horrible play continues, how long does it go on before someone pays the price, like Clouston or Murray with their job?
  • Perhaps call someone up from Bingo who is hungry and will play hard and with desire, who actually is excited to be in the NHL.

These are just a few ideas off the top off my head to shake things up. What do you guys think should be done to try and get us back on track? Let's hear em.


Eric said...

Dudley Non-Sens says:

Step 1: Call up Brodeur and roll with him.

Step 2: Slip in some angel dust in Alex Kovalev's gatorade before each game.

Step 3:Fire Clouston and promote Greg Carvel

Step 4: Go on a 12 game winning streak.

Anonymous said...

1 - Demote Brian Lee and Alex Kovalev; if they get claimed on waivers, even better

2 - Bring up Hale and Butler to replace them

3 - Shove some humble pie down Clouston's throat until he recognises that change is needed.

4 - Go on 20 (!) game winning streak.

Anonymous said...

I can tell by your blogs that you don't like Fisher but at least the guy tries. He is leading the team in shots. He needs to be paired up with someone that's going to feed him. I don't know how many times I see him on the rush right in front of the net waiting for the pass that never comes. Secondly he needs to be on the top power play unit. When he was there the last game them scored. They score with him running interference in front of the net. Do you recall last year when Fleury said that Fisher was the one that gave him the most trouble. Not Spezza. Fisher is doing very well on the kill. They are not scoring on his shift. I believe that Fisher deserves the extra ice time he's getting recently. From what else I see Kovalev needs to get off the freakin ice and quit playing with the puck for gods sake. He stays out too long and tires. That's when they score on us. Lee is horrible. Karlsson is making a lot of mistakes. Phillips looks terrible. If this is his last year on his contract he better wake up. And finally the penalties are killing us. Didn't we do well last year against Washington and Pittsburgh with Foligno, Fisher and Alfredsson paired up? That would be my suggestion. Regin, Spezza and Michalek. Do you know who Clouston was referring to when he talked about someone un-named not getting off the ice when they got hit with the too many men on the ice penalty. Just curious. I think Neil served the penalty but do you know off hand?

Canuck Abroad said...

Greg Carvel should go, not be promoted. He runs the powerplay and it has not been that good over the last 3 years even with all the star talent we had/have.

Sit Kovalev or demote him. Smith plays harder and deserves to be there.

Split up Michalek and Spezza. I say Foligno-Spezza-Regin

Demote Karlsson for a few games. He is on a two way still and has made the most mistakes of anyone.

Bring up Hale or Wiercioch and let the hungry players earn their time otherwise they sit or lose time. Period.


Anonymous said...

You can't call up anyone from Bingo. The senators only have 300k cap space with Lehner up here since his cap hit right now is 900k. You can't demote anyone you want and bring someone up without a tradehappennig to open up cap relief.

french said...

If we needed to free up cap space though the solution would be easy, buy out kovalev.

Anonymous said...

You people are ridiculous with the Kovalev hate...I agree that he isnt playing well at all, but if you were to buy him out, who exactly do you think is going to get his 50 (give or take) points this year? Zach Smith?

Whether you like him or not you need to come to terms with the fact that he is a senator for now.