Tuesday, November 09, 2010

4th Street

The Sens handle their business tonight, winning a game they needed to, beating the Thrashers 5-2 for thier 4th consectuive win tonight in front of 16, 583 fans at SBP.

This was a game we had to have, as we have a rough 10 days ahead of us, with a Vancouver game at home Thurs, before going on a week long roadie that sees us stopping in Boston, Philly, Carolina and St Louis. Those are a tough stretch, so have to pick up the points when we can, and tonight we need to and we did.

The whole team played pretty well, even though we were outshot 37-29. For stretches of the game we looked amazing, even chasing Chris Mason from the net in favor of Pavelic. The team just seemed to have a lot more jump tonight, and for once, didn't play down to their level of competition, which was nice to see. On to the next one.....

Other thoughts from the game:
  • Interesting to see that we had an all Chris goal, with Neil scoring, with helpers going to Phillips and Kelly.
  • Speaking of Neil, good to see him and Winchester breaking their goalless slumps, but Regin and Foligno are still with goose eggs.
  • Funny scoreboard announcement at the 2nd intermission that read, Johanna, congratulations on finally divorcing your loser Leaf fan ex-husband. Humorous AND true.
  • We were deprived of a Carkner-Buflygien scrap late in the game after Fisher slashed him pretty hard. Instead Carks fought Boulton, and it was prettyd ecent.
  • I'm loving having 2 lines. Depth is amazing.
  • The Kovalev-Spezza-Regin line has played well together lately, keep it up.
  • Michalek looked rusty in his first game back.
  • What a blast from Gonchar on his goal, that is why we brought him in. He now has 11 points in 15 games, solid!
  • The PP as a whole looked great tonight, hopefully we can keep it, makes a huge difference.
  • Kovalev played another pretty solid game as well. He was a threat all night, though he somehow didn't manage to grab a point in a 5 goal affair.
  • Elliott was serviceable. Didn't play amazing, didn't play bad. Made the saves he should, which is all I ask.
  • Karlsson seems to have his swag back.
  • Another quiet night for teh captain, his 3rd in a row. Must be nursing an injury.

So that was a good win, our 4th in a row, and our 5th in 6 tries. Pretty solid for a team that many experts were writing off not too long ago as being hopeless. We just needed a few more games under our belts to gel as a team. We now face a tough game on Thursday with Van City. Hopefully we play like we did tonight, but turned up a notch. SBP will be a rockin'.

With 2 goals, and 3 points total, Jason Spezza Wins the Night.

Thoughts on the game tonight?

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