Friday, November 26, 2010

Amazing Performance Wasted, Assist To The Refs

The Sens dropped a tough one today, 2-1 to the Penguins, in an afternoon delight game, that was anything but delightful as far as the Sens were concerned. The Sens took an early lead and dominated the Pens in the first, registering a staggering 19 shots, before wasting an amazing performance by Pascal Leclaire. Snoopy made 38 saves, many of them spectacular, including robbing Crosby in the slot with an amazing glove save. As per usual, we couldn't score, so Leclaire took the L.

Also, the game was marred by many questionable calls, mostly going the Penguins way of course, including the game winner, in which Chris Kelly recieved 4 minutes for 2 different penalties on the same play, the 2nd of which shouldn't have been, which was of course when they score the GWG. To make things worse, Fisher was interfered with and that is why the GWG went in, which went uncalled of course. Honestly, it was just one of a bunch of horrible calls throughout the game, though this one cost us the most.

Thoughts from the game:
  • Karlsson played pretty well in his return to the lineup, minus the 1 penalty that cost us a goal yet again. Plus he had that awesome stare down at Matt Cooke in the penalty box. Hopefully I will get a pic soon and do a caption this later on today.
  • What can you say about Leclaire except he is spectacular at times and today was one of those days. He deserved better.
  • How many more games does Foligno get to play without scoring, when we have the AHL's leading goal scorer in Bobby Butler waiting?
  • I was hoping Gonchar would have played a better game in his old city.
  • Regin is coming on but just can't seem to finish.
  • I'm not a fan of breaking up the 3rd line. They're one of the best 3rd's in the league, keep them as a unit.
  • I like Michalek a lot, but he needs to pick it up.
  • Spezza had a fairly poor game, breaking his streak of strong play as of late.
  • If Kuba was sent to Cuba I would not mind.

With an outstanding game, stopping 38 of 40, Pascal Leclaire wins the night (afternoon).

On to the next one tomorrow at home against Toronto.

Thoughts on the game?

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Anonymous said...

where the frak has spezza been!??