Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Expected Outcome

The Sens lost 7-1 to an undermanned Carolina team, and while I'm not surprised, I was hoping we would have shown a little more heart. This was somewhat to be expected after the events of this morning and travelling all day.

Minus the Boston 2-0 win, we have now lost our last 3 other games 6-2, 5-1 and 7-1. I can't be the only one worried.

I'm giving them a pass for tonight but we need to get in going again and fast. In this league you can't afford to play poorly very long. Everyone was awful tonight, everyone!

With one goal Alfie wins the night.

Thoughts on the game?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are the #65 (EK) sucked the big shitter all night long - and for most of the season. He is a major reason why we sucked. Spezza was a machine in the faceoff circle but the rest of his team is crap right now. Crap.

Blow it up BM, blow it up.