Tuesday, November 02, 2010

GDP #12: Battle Of Ontario @ Tdot

The Sens are in Toronto tonight, as they take on arguably their biggest rival in the second chapter of the Battle Of Ontario this season. Ottawa is coming off a horrible game against Boston on Saturday, and are looking to right the ship, though it won't be easy, as whenever these 2 teams meet up expect fireworks.

For the Sens, Brian Elliott will get the start, despite Pascal Leclaire's return to the lineup. The worst news however, is that Alfie is likely to not play. It will be a game time decision, but Ian Mendes tweeted that as it stands he doesn't feel up to it, which is never good for us. On th eplus side, it is Alfie and his super human recovery history always heals faster than normal, so who knows, maybe he will lace em up after all.

If #11 doesn't play, Ryan Shannon will take his spot on Alfie's line and Brian Lee will dress and play as a forward on the 4th line, Yikes! That looks awful doesnt't it. We need the captain to play. We need a win, we're already falling behind in the conference and the division, where we're a pathetic 1-5 so far this season. Let's hope Toronto falls back to earth after their early season start and we take it to them tonight.

Prediction: For some reason, we always have trouble with the Leafs, especially in Toronto as of late. Hate on them all you want, but even when they aren't as talented, the Leafs will always work hard and play hard, which I admire and wish we had more of sometimes. Can we get the scoring necessary to beat them tonight? I don't know, especially not if Alfie isn't playing. Sadly the Leafs will take the 2nd battle as well, Sens lose 4-2 at the ACC. I hope I'm wrong.



Anonymous said...

Sens are playing like total shit right now so i can see them blowing this.

if alfie and mchalek are out and we already have trouble scoring with them, gonna take a big effort tonight to get a win.

Leafs Suck!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha you were Wrong !