Saturday, November 06, 2010

GDP #14: Sens @ MTL

The Sens are in Montreal tonight, as they take on the Canadiens in a nationally televised game, which is surprising when the Leafs are also playing at the same time, but I suppose there is just more interest in this one on Hockey Night in Canada at 7pm. We are looking to get our first win against Montreal this year, after dropping the game in MTL, even though we were up 3-1, and after being shutout 2 weeks ago at home by the Habs.

For the Sens, Brian Elliott gets the start, and I have to say, he deserves it. He has been solid the last few games and is not letting Snoopy back into the fold. I had hoped that Filip Kuba would be back tonight, but alas he will not be. He will be watching from the press box with Michalek for another game at least. Other than that, no lineup changes, though Mike Fisher has not been practicing as of late, which tells me he has a nursing injury. Though not confirmed, it is believed that Carey Price will get a rest after playing last night, and that former Sen Alex Auld will be starting in his place.

Predicition: The Habs have done pretty well against us so far this year and we have yet to secure a big win. All of our wins this season have come at the expense of lesser teams, so this to me is a statement game. We can't afford to go 0-3 against the Habs, who currently lead our division. The game probably comes down to the play of Jason Spezza tonight. When he plays well, we usually win and score a lot more. Also look for Kovalev to have a decent game playing back at the Bell Centre. We need this one and I have faith in my team, Sens win 4-3.

Thoughts on the game tonight?

Sidenote: I just wanted to pass on an opportunity to you guys. The Ottawa Senators have reached out to me and given me tickets to some games to give out to my most deserving readers. The tickets are in their Coca Cola Zone and the first game available is Tuesday's matchup against the Atlanta Thrashers. I have been given 2 pairs to give away, so hit me up at and let me know why they should be yours. The winners will be chosen Sunday night so you have time to make arrangements for the game. Also make sure to follow me on Twitter. Best of luck to everyone.


stefffizzzle said...

i think i should get the tickets because you love me the mostest. lolz

i love the picture you used today btw

(the nhl network in the states is playing the leafs as their 'hockey night in canada')

Anonymous said...

I wish I could go! but unfotunately, I can't be there.

Who ever wins these,be loud and Proud at the SBP...!

It's the best building in the league!

Go Sens Go!!!