Thursday, November 11, 2010

GDP #16: Sens Vs Van City

The Sens are back at it tonight, looking for their 5th win in a row, as they take on the Vancouver Canucks in an all Canadian remeberance day matchup at SBP. This will be on the marquee games of the year, with many experts picking Vancouver to win it all, so this will be a measuring stick type of game for the Sens.

For Ottawa, there will be no lineup changes from the team that has won 4 straight, with one exception, as Pascal Leclaire will make a return to the lineup after being out for sevral weeks. Brian Elliott takes a seat tonight, but should be ready, because as well all know when Leclaire is involved, nothing is out of the realm of injury possibilities. That's what can be fun with him, everything is in play. Think of the most ridiculous thing possible and you can't rule it out with Snoopy.

For Vancouver, Roberto Luongo will start, who is alwasy tough to beat, as well as the Sedin twins, Kessler, and the rest of their team. The Canucks roll 4 lines with ease, with depth being a key asset to their success. Look for the battle of the 3rd lines tonight to be a real key in deciding who gets the 2 points.

Local Flavor: The Canucks boast a few people that will be familair to most of you. They have former Sen Peter Schaefer on the 4th line after making a surprise comeback this season. They also have former Sen Sami Salo patrolling the backend, who is as injury prone as Leclaire. I'm sure between the 2, they have some funny injury stories. Ironically, it was Salo who was traded for Schaefer in the first place and now they are playing together. Last but not least, the Nucks head coach, Alain Vigneault is a Hull native and was an assistant coach for the first three years of our franchise.

Prediction: The Canucks are clearly one of the NHL's best teams, except when it comes to the playoffs. They roll 4 lines and have a team filled with depth at every position, so it will take a total team effort if we want the points tonight. Vancouver is also coming off a shutout loss to Montreal on Tuesday, so you know they will come out hard to avoid the same thing. The Sens appear overmatched on paper, but that's why they play the games. It will come down to staying out the box, being good on the PP, and the play of Leclaire, who may very well be rusty. However, the Sens have won 4 in a row, and 5 of 6, so I can't bet against them. I'm riding the Sens in this one for a shock 4-2 win.

Thoughts on the game?

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