Monday, November 22, 2010

GDP #21: East Coast/West Coast Teams Collide

Here it is, the one time my West Coast teams visits SBP this year. I have to admit, I'm a bit conflicted, but only slightly, more like excited to see them play in person. It's not quite the epic Bad Boy/Death Row conflict of the 1990's, but as close as I will ever feel like a traitor to my first love.

The Kings are doing quite well again, and are always exciting to watch, though somehow still manage to fly under the radar for the most part. They are stacked at many key positions and I'm mancrush excited to watch my favorite player Wayne Simmonds (exactly the type of player we need btw). The scratches for the Kings tonight are Mitchell, Ponikarovsky and Parse, with Jonathan Quick starting in goal. We definitely can not take the Kings lightly, with a roster that includes Jack Johnson, Kopitar, Dustin Brown, Ryan Smyth and of course drew daughty, just to name a few.

For the Sens, tons of changes tonight. The lineup will look like what I put up yesterday, with every line being shaken up at least somewhat. I suppose this is to try and right the ship, but too much change can be bad as well. What we do need, is to stay out of the penalty box and play smarter. If we do that, we're half way there. Brian Lee is a healthy scratch and Erik Karlsson sits out with the flu, meaning David Hale is back in the lineup again. Pascal Leclaire starts in net, hoping to go more than 3 mins to start a game without letting in a goal this time.

Prediction: This is like picking which child you love more. Ya the Sens were here first and I will always love them, but the Kings are starting to steal the spotlight to a certain degree. Basically, I just want to see a good game. Preferably a 5-5 game that heads to OT, so each team gets a point, and ends when Alexei Kovalev scores to get his 1000th career point would be ideal. But for now, I'd settle for the Sens just playing well. LA wins 4-2.


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tim said...

Good post, but please refrain from calling Ottawa the "East Coast". The East coast is thousands of km East of Ottawa. It's just a little insulting to actual East coasters who either are implied to have Ottawa represent their entire region geographically, or that their region doesn't really exist.